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8/7 c1 26Heroeschamp
12/26/2018 c1 ShakierHeart53
Name: Timothy ‘Tim’ Mcree
Gender: Male
Looks: White. Tall. Semi-muscular builds. Short, black hair with bright blue eyes.
Personality: He is a constant flirt, although typically he doesn’t have much success with women. He’s a compulsive liar and always makes up lies to impress his friends, who mostly believe him. He is actually quite a sensitive person, but he covers it up with his lying & jokes.
Sexuality: Straight
Do they smoke, do drugs or drink: He is a heavy drinker but doesn’t dabble in drugs too often and only smokes on occasion. He can however be convinced to go mental.
Hobbies/Likes/Interests: He likes hanging out with his mates. He doesn’t seem to do anything else, although he does like to party and go out. In his spare time, he tends to try and solve his friends problems and help them. He doesn’t do much (If you want to change this feel free)
Are they a virgin: Yes
Backstory: He is from Ireland, however he moved to Bristol after his mother left. He is emotionally scarred by his mother and father’s divorce. Thanks to this and his father’s negligence, he doesn’t really give a shit about school and all he wants to do is have a laugh with his mates
Family life (include names of family and their relationship with them): Mother (Fiona Serena, was Mcree but she got a divorce) left before they moved to Bristol and he hasn’t seen her since; Father (Noah Mcree) is an alcoholic who ignores his two kids and lets them do what they want; Sister (Cara Mcree) loves her brother who loves her too. She is one of the only things that make him genuinely happy and she always wants to tag along with her older brother, but she is 13 and so can’t.
Secrets: He actually slightly blames himself for his mother leaving, but he is afraid of his emotions, so he covers them up whenever he can. He is actually scared to be with a girl, both sexually and emotionally, because of his mother; he believes that he can’t trust women to stay.
Thanks for taking the time to read this if you have and I hope you consider using this character. If you want to change anything feel free, and if you want any extra information just message (I have lots of ideas for this character).
12/11/2018 c1 3sabrinariver
Name: Kiera Richards

Gender: Female

Looks: Tall, skinny-ish with some muscle tone, long light brown hair and hazel eyes. Pale-ish, full lips.

Personality: Goofy, upbeat but dark humour around her friends. Shy-ish. Pretty loyal to her close circle of friends though. Quite lazy but intelligent.

Sexuality: Pansexual but leans towards girls a lot more

Do they smoke, drink or do drugs?: dislikes smoking personally but can be around people smoking, will seldom smoke some weed. isn’t an excessive drinker but will drink to have a good time or to be a total state. doesn’t do drugs but can easily be peer pressured into it;)

Hobbies/Likes/Interests: enjoys attending the gym, playing videogames, big interest in psychology as a subject, also studies sociology but isn’t as interested and English literature but hates it. likes to have energy drinks excessively and loves music and clothes. especially shoes, hahahaha.

Are they a virgin?; yes, quite insecure at times and has sexual tendencies but is scared to lose it to the wrong person. will kiss a lot of girls meaninglessly and flirt around.

Backstory: was a loner as child and had a harsh upbringing as a child. comes from a religious family but isn’t big on god. doesn’t like to spend much time at home as parents argue a lot. is pressured to do very well at school by her parents but doesn’t have much motivation to excel. spends time looking after her unwell mother at times.

Family life; parents are married but argue a lot, mother is unwell. mother is called Fiona Richards and the father is called Peter Richards. she had a younger brother called Alex, who is two years younger, and an older brother called Oliver who is seven years older. Oliver is really successful and completed medical school. gets on really well with her brothers.

Secrets: she is not open about her sexuality outside of her close circle and potential interests. also tries to hide her bad mental health from her family but is somewhat open about it with her friends, just not about the specifics

hope this is slightly interesting! never let skins die! I’m excited for this and will definitely read.

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