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for A New Devil's Marvellous Adventure

1/23 c1 dude
fue interesante, espero que publiques si alguien adopta la historia. Vi un comentario que decia que mephisto es demasiado poderoso para dante. A esa persona le digo: relajate dante es una satira, ademas que si este es un naruto que gana los poderes de sparda fusionados con los poderes de las bestias sera mucho mas fuerte de lo normal, tal ves no tenga los poderes individuales pero lo compensara con fuerza, velocidad o resistencia
1/12 c1 Jose19
Mephisto is quite powerful this isn’t DC this chapter is stronger than Sparda in his own Dimensions this person is unbeatable.

I suggest to read Marvel more closely this isn’t the movie version which nerfed all the heroes and villains.

Mephisto is so strong in his dimension that even Dr. Strange who is more powerful than Naruto needs help to beat him.
11/21/2018 c1 SirMaou
someone take this on their wing already and make this idea chapters so that my read can read something like this.
10/23/2018 c1 kival737101
I'd say give Naruto either Natasha, Amora or Janet or how about all three
9/24/2018 c1 mmiller25819
can you tell me if some one Adopt this please
9/19/2018 c1 Kazzmikae334
awesome concept can't wait for more
9/19/2018 c1 LoamyCoffee
Hm, promising. And I don't think anyone has done Devil may cry like this to my knowledge.
9/19/2018 c1 XXX777
Pure. Genius.
9/19/2018 c1 Phantom Symbiote
I think you should continue writing this I think it be fantastic

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