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4/26 c6 Riotpump
Since Ash got both Charmander/Charizard and Totodile/Feraligatr, I can assume that he'll get Treecko/Sceptile for his Grass-type? perhaps after battling Erika, he's given one.

Will he get Riolu/Lucario next, perhaps his canon Riolu-egg once in Vermillion.

And both Eevee/Espeon and Gible/Garchomp (the Psychic and Dragon that fits Ash the most, and I've not seen a Traveler-esque story where he has either, other than Espeon in Challenger, but that's just one story, and you clearly don't think that "underrated" pokemon somehow instantly makes a story better, even at all).
4/2 c5 shadow1208
ash tipo

Ash: eres un tipo brillando Paul sin embargo cometiste un gran error te metiste con mi mejor amiga
3/24 c6 majikss
is this story dead
3/14 c6 RandomDude
Please update
3/5 c6 SuperKamiGuru97
The name change means your coming back right?! Please come back. Your stories, Pinnacle in particular, are way to good to be left as they are!
3/3 c6 Huge fan
A name change?! Please tell me you are returning!
2/20 c1 PotterAlice
The changed name means you're coming back right? God I hope so, with what I read so far makes me crave more.
1/22 c6 RandomFandom10
I really love your work and wanted to know if you are planning on updating this work. Really one of the best fics I've read
1/9 c6 Huge fan
I will do anything for and update!
11/28/2021 c6 Huge fan
Still holding out hope you will update this amazing story. I know it’s been 2 years but this story is to good for it to be cancelled. I hope you are doing well
11/13/2021 c5 Defiant7
honestly one of the best pokemon fanfic chapters I've ever read
10/30/2021 c6 Reader
Ash x Leaf moments were nice
Battles against AJ were great too
Hope he makes it to the League
Good to see Ash and Leaf's Pokémon evolve

Suggestions for Ash's team
Heracross - Saffron Bullet Train to Goldenrod and competes in Bug Catching Contest
Tyrantum - Cinnabar Lab
10/30/2021 c5 Reader
Clefairy's Magical Leaf sure came in handy
Ash vs Misty was good and hope you do Ash vs Sensational Sisters if returns

Was expecting Froakie instead of Totodile but is still a good water type plus Bite/Crunch will help against Sabrina
Also think Froakie would overshadow rest of Ash's team since would expect Ash-Greninja

Leaf showing jealousy of Ash praising girls and Ash being angry on her behalf for Pokémon's injuries makes me think there will be Furthershipping

Nugget Bridge Tournament instead of the game challenge was unique and great to see
Paul's inclusion was unexpected but welcomed though surprised has already beaten Sabrina since is sold as a one of the strongest gym leaders

Will you do any of the anime's tournaments like P1 Fighting type tournament and Princess Festival (mainly for Leaf)?
Ash can compete with whatever Fighting type you give him
If have him get a Pokémon from the Saffron Dojo like in the game then Hitmonchan would suit him or maybe start with a Tyrouge
10/30/2021 c4 Reader
Ash finally has his first Rocket encounter
Brock with a Tyranitar is unique and pretty awesome
Maybe post-Virdidian Gym Ash can battle it in a rematch with Brock
10/30/2021 c3 Reader
Ash vs Brock was
Ryhorn and Graveler were fresh choices for opponents outside of Geodude and Onix
Was expecting Ash to get the game's Old Amber from the Museum
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