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8/20 c7 Tony McNucklz
I think having them born from the new Pirate age makes sense. It was Rogers last words that left the WG drowning in a surge of Pirates. I can't imagine Absolute Justice would have tolerated their existence if the Marine strength wasn't stretched thin being forced to fight in every direction. If not for the sheer volume of pirates, I imagine the Marines would have attacked the Yonko and Shishibukai one by one. it's being forced to spread their forces out that allows warlords to exist. And Warlords have a fine line to walk, because if they make themselves to much of a problem, it will force the Marines to move against them if they become to high a priority.
It bothers me that this is another story where knocking people out with head trauma is so easy as opposed to what should be deadly traumatic head injuries. To me most of those pirates should be dead if they're low level mooks. Even normal strength humans can die from hitting their head falling off a skateboard, so how much does it take to kill someone hitting their skulls with a steel baton? Besides, why hold back. It's not like Ohara has a large enough population to warrent having a prison or even a real jail to hold the pirates, and he doesn't want the Marines stopping by Ohara to pick up the pirates since he doesn't want to get their attention either on the island or particularly in himself. These weren't the adventure pirates written to entertain children that have something resembling a moral code, these were the 'murder, rape, and reave' pirates. Why bother sparing them?
Overall I enjoyed the crafting of the character as a whole. It was a lot of info dump, but now that the training can shift offscreen and the story can take place I'm much more interested. Hope to see more of this, I'm especially curious to see if he can weedle any useful knowledge out of Saul, maybe some Haki tips, even if he can't really use it for many years? I'm also wondering how Robins origin is affected here. Her being an archeologist with the ability to read poneglyphs seems like a crucial point you don't want to discard, but maybe she won't have to go througb the years as an assassin? but that's also taking away a lot of skills she won't develop otherwise.
In any case, I'm looking forward to more!
8/20 c6 Tony McNucklz
I'm confused, all the orphans moved out? and no more came in? did orphans or abandoned kids just stop happening after the MC was taken in? the orphanage just suddenly stopped being needed? all this time since the MC was taken in, not a single additional kid lost their parents?
Honestly, I'm bored. This isn't a story, it's an endless info dump of power building with some minor sprinkles of narrative and world backfill on an island that I know is going to die at some point and become a distant memory to the character, little mkre than the prologue to the main story, which makes me less interested in the extensive island info.
The end of the chapter gave me hope that the training can now be moved to mostly offscreen with occasional check ins of milestones met.
8/20 c5 Tony McNucklz
That barely even slightly how poison resistance works. That method would build a resistance yes, but only to the specific organic compound in the poison he used. It wouldn't do a thing to shield him from a poison that worked vis a different method. even the name 'poison' is a misnomer. Bleach is a poison to humans. Cyanide is as well. You can't build an immunity to bleach or cyanide. I presume what he is doing is building resistance to venom and other organic secretions and compounds by flora and fauna such as snakes, blowfish, dart frogs, nightshade, hemlock, etc. But he can't do it with only one and expect it to help with something else. Even within the venomous snake domain, not all venoms are created equal. Being bit repeatedly by one species of snake doesn't necessarily mean you'll be protected from another. Which means the resistance training he did was utterly pointless from your description unless that specific poison is used on him.
Shigan made sense the way you did it. he dedicated training specifically to his fingers so it paid off, but ue hasnt dedicated specific training to gain absurd leg strength and speed, which has to be pivotal for soru and geppo.
8/19 c4 Tony McNucklz
Really? you just jury rigged a duct tapped explanation go make shouting names add power? as if it somehow makes it less moronic?
7/31 c7 Fsecret
Yes the warlords were made to deal with the golden age of pirate's so they should only exist after rogers death and the formation of the yonkou.
And yonkou were not a thing until shanks lost his arm and returned to new world.
7/12 c5 Guest
If he has a tiger tail then cant he turn into a tiger man? with simae kiken or whatever? He could control his dna and stuff and be a...tiger shark?
6/19 c7 translator user
I will tell you in a simple way (not so simple), the reason why there are so many fanfictions that do not go neither in their 1/4 (or in this case with one piece in enies lobby) is that they are lengthened, an example of as it should be done is "this bites" has 45 caps out there and goes until the marineford war, but if you think that your series will last 1000 caps like the original you are wrong, because the author gets bored and leaves, or it can't happen that much time writing those stupidly long episodes explaining each move, resulting in not even passing the enies lobby arc in 100 caps
insufferable for the damn explanation (there are few that reach that number) in this case unfortunately lengthening a situation that is like the foxy arc never ends well , Another example is that it deviates a lot from the plot, we can take any fanfic that deals with a guy who does not meet any relevant character in the plot, in the end, it is not one piece, it is just the story of a guy who wants do x thing or find x person, but it deviates, being or finally an attempt at variety, although it is only an opinion try to be objective, since it is unfortunate how the fandom of one piece followed this path, it is also boring that they repeat the same theme, but in one piece it is only explained to us in depth what is relevant, like dressrosa or wano, but they never talk about other islands in west blue, north blue, or south blue, but the very few fanfictions that managed to do it incredibly well (to the level that one would believe that it is everyone who wrote it) are discontinued or not even more than 10 chapters, that's my humble opinion (of how history is following an ultra-slow course
5/17 c7 St Pat
SUMMARY IS WRONG AND MISGUIDED. (Maybe its a click-bait)

MC is not Grey at all. He is too much of a good guy with somewhat wannabe Hero personality.

Story is not Dark at all. It is very well written and is also very good which is filled with goodness and happiness. So it certainly not DARK instead it's exact opposite.
5/17 c7 St Pat
Story is very good and well written, but MC's personality development is inconsistent. Author is trying to portray that MC is good guy but he he did it overly good job to the point that now MC is somewhat wannabe Hero. MC doesn't want to mess the Canon but he wants to save Ohara, that's ridiculous. He considers himself as a mature person but sometimes his thoughts are highly immature and is turning into hypocrite.
4/15 c7 Zadenados
I hope you'll still continue with this story
4/14 c1 Athrick
The summary says Gray MC and the pic is Gray so I thought it was going to be would be a SI as Gray.
3/9 c7 Sandele
I like how this story is going! The pace is good, but my whiny self is itching for mooore
3/1 c7 Natsukashi
I like it. Yeah, you could have cut all this stuff in half. I skipt a lot of the training and trading parts, there is just too much repetition and irrelevant stuff in there. But, no master falls from the sky. All in all it was a fun read. A good beta or friend could probably help you big, just discussing your stuff, helping you so that you don’t lose yourself in irrelevant stuff.
Regardless, I would like to read more and see you improve, cause that happens automatically.
2/25 c7 Anime Junkie X
Hey just want to say that I love the read so far and would love to read more of this.
2/24 c5 6Chisaki Kouu
If I just skipped the last three chapters, all I'd come back to is more training simulator. Like, what the fuck is this?
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