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for One Piece: Self Insert

4/24 c7 Uppish
Would love to see this continue, I could only imagine just how powerful he could get when the story ends up at the adventures starting point.
3/26 c2 Guest
Yeah story sucks
3/26 c1 Guest
Little kid fanfic? I’ll read the next chapter but if it isn’t a massive time skip then I’m not bothering with this story
1/21 c7 Darkking6669
Dude. This story is awesome why'd you stop? Please continue I can't wait for more.
12/10/2022 c7 Guest
Could you maybe make and post an arc timeline for the chapters? You know give an idea of when canon starts chapter-wise?

11/4/2022 c7 GodsReader15
Hope you update soon.
9/26/2022 c3 CMdkelley
Wow how many chapters are we going to get of the author constantly repeating the same words about training the mc's teeth and nails
9/26/2022 c7 Mcgiggletits
More please!
8/1/2022 c3 bruh
I find it hard to believe that he thinks world nobles having too much money is weird considering he was in the modern world. Like dude how many people have billion of dollars while some are starving? It's the same as our world.
6/18/2022 c7 Mr.BrownOptometrist
Great chapter, keep up the awesome work

Fam this is a masterpiece and definitely needs to be read. And incredible job Author-san and keep up the amazing job you've done so far

And I hope that you one day will return and continue your stories
6/10/2022 c7 Guest
This is a wonderful story and I really appreciate it. Still waiting for next chapter Author-San
5/12/2022 c3 Jmechan24
Hope he change his approach with regard to canon, or else he'll live for nothing
4/27/2022 c7 Tdog Smith
Hope to see more chapters of the story been waiting a long time for some.
1/9/2022 c7 Damian Hendriks
when more chapters? probably never..
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