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for No More Mr Nice Guy

5/15 c218 Guest
Your story telling is amazingcan't weit for the next chapter
4/23 c218 CryssyWhite09
4/13 c218 Guest
Love love love hope you'll be posting soon so excited for more
3/21 c218 H-Nala
Nice reveal
3/16 c218 RukiYuki
Ooh kuon there you go my boy
3/14 c218 11KNightsEtDragons
I have been wanting to say this so such a long time. You really inspire me in my writing like this fic has been in my life for years now. I check this fandom quite often because of your work. I just respect the dedication you have to this story and others. Overall, I am wihsing the best and when I read that thing about you getting a new bed I was quite happy so we will be here and stuff. -KNET
3/10 c218 2ThisNThat81
ahhhh I love the LveMe girls.

it's also great that more folks are learning his identity... it just seems a little fast for the guys... as well as the having the conversation in the office... but i guess he has grown...

back to ch 1 as we await the next exciting installment...
perhaps a video call or visit from kuu with the reveal to Murasame...
3/6 c218 6leeloo17
Hehehehe—that was a fun reveal! I can’t wait for Sho to find out lol!
3/4 c218 4kotoko-98
Better than I expected, I thought Kanae will kill him.
Poor Murasame, it'll be a big shock
3/2 c218 Guest
I haven't commented on your story for a long time. I just remembered that Sho saw Kuon in chapter 18 and realized that Kuon was Ren in chapter 19. So I wonder why Sho couldn't figure out that Kuon was Ren in chapter 215? Maybe you already plan to write an A-Ha moment for Sho in the coming chapter.
3/2 c218 team-ispire-weirdoll
this was really enjoyable chapter:)
3/1 c218 6IceFireLuv

Cannot wait to hear murasames reaction
3/1 c218 midnitewanderer
Why do i sense the ending within the next 30 chapters. I dont like this feeling
3/1 c218 29Parkerbear
OMG I cackled so hard over and over again. So many waves of wanting to come after the new guy for touching Kyoko! So many assumptions about Kyoko dumping Ren! It was DELICIOUS. I have never understood why nobody seems to recognize him except Kyoko? I love how their mutual friends are so protective of their relationship. ALSO, I'd forgotten all about the spider and cackled hard at that, too. Thank you so much for the chapter! I hope you have some respite and rest from the busy.
2/24 c217 6leeloo17
Loved Kyoko jumping him in the back room and Maria catching them bahahaha. Thankfully I’ve never experienced getting walked in on by my kids and pray I never will lol. Looking forward to the drama that will surely ensue from having Kuon and Sho in Kyoko’s debut!
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