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1/11 c115 8StayintheCornerMAX
Kyoko: doing all sorts of resque and kinky stuff with her beau**

Also Kyoko: What's a BDSM?
1/11 c115 StayintheCornerMAX
Mimori is as annoying as my Prima. oOf!
1/10 c109 StayintheCornerMAX
Chiori is my spirit character: I have 2, tucked under my pillow and a gun by my nightstand.
1/10 c108 StayintheCornerMAX
My ship having drinks and dinner with friends, but Kyoko was turned on. Pulls out my horny bat for bonkingDoor knobs existnever mind. LMAO
1/10 c107 StayintheCornerMAX
"She even found a crane inside the fridge." Aaah yes, this brings back memories when Primo and I played "Hide the remote" LOL.
1/9 c88 StayintheCornerMAX
Drunk Koga and Cedric might be the best pair for a comedy series, imagine a drunk brooding Kuon in one corner crying he misses Kyoko (but she's there) and a wild Kijima hitting on anything that moved. (e.g the bottle that flipped)

I'd definitely watch that. LMAO
1/9 c87 StayintheCornerMAX
Kuon and Yashiro gave the trolling biddies vibe. LMAO. I remember I took my cousin for a ride after stealing my dad's lifted truck when I was fifteen, I swear Primo's soul almost left his body when I decided it would be fun to take him to the mountain trail without adult supervision and diving under those thick and deep mud-holes. LOL
1/9 c78 StayintheCornerMAX
Yashiro and Koga are MVPs.

I call for Koga since he comes rushing in with them fire extinguisher. lol
1/9 c66 StayintheCornerMAX
Kyoko and Sho gives that angry and at war sibling vibe. oOf
1/9 c61 StayintheCornerMAX
KyokoMaybe a mask is judt what you need, Koga-dan, since your regular face still isn't getting you the top spot."

Me: Chef Kyoko is roasting us some good actor fir tonight!
1/9 c59 StayintheCornerMAX
Am dying!

Kyoko: Why am I surrounded by playboys?

1/9 c49 StayintheCornerMAX
IDK but they give Lore Olympus vibe on this one and Im so into it!
1/9 c42 StayintheCornerMAX
Frog legs are my favorite! Its a delicacy in my Pueblo. Me and my childhood friends used to catch huge ones from the rice paddies (together with mice) and have them either bbq (seasined with local herbs we find after foraging) or cooked as adobo. Frog indeed taste like chicken (Snakes are better tho.)
1/9 c39 StayintheCornerMAX
Me and my pop after a food splurgeUnbuckles the belt and tucks out the shirtsPoor Tadashi. hahahaha
1/8 c22 StayintheCornerMAX
Me sleeping during earthquake in PH: zZZZZzZZ
My squad at 2:23am: SaaarGE! (at my radio)
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