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1/1 c211 22Parkerbear
I think I shortcircuited for a little bit, because for a while I was only capable of imagining Shirtless Ren do the stunts? Black clothing or tight clothing notwithstanding. Ahem. Ah hehehehe. And then with the tight clothing, perhaps a nice 'riiiiiiip' by Kyoko. Wait. Something's wrong with me. LOL.

I'm interested in hearing where you go with Fuwa-san on this project, Kaname! Another delightful chapter :D Thank you so much for the update! As always...looking forward to the next XD
1/1 c211 sspaulina
thanks for chapters but it was about to go sleep damm you!(1.30amatm )back in 20 ish minutes
1/1 c211 5leeloo17
Happy new year! Such a nice treat to have a chapter for it, thank you! Kudos to Kyoko for keeping her cool. Looking forward to seeing Ren’s audition and Kyoko’s sports day!
1/1 c211 1Maui0murice
o0o0o0o0o this is getting so exciting!
12/14/2022 c210 Goodtome
I loved it lol sho fainted now what in the Sam Hill is going on what’s Lory thinking casting him in her Debut movie no way I just won’t stand fort I quit lol I always wanted to say that ok let’s get back to it what will kuon do after hearing this well better yet what will kyoko’s reaction be can’t wait for more so good and glad to see ya Thought we might need to send a rescue team after you but alas here you are again great job kudos to you I love this ff be hear until the end
12/13/2022 c210 RukiYuki
The heck lory what are you up to...geezz this lovmo...
12/9/2022 c210 sandrinhaap
Sho is back! How I love to see him tortured hahaha and yes I need to know kuon reaction!
12/8/2022 c210 H-Nala
Surprise surprise!
12/7/2022 c210 Guest
Thank you for the update! I'm loving the Halloween theme lol
12/7/2022 c210 sspaulina
Well we knew this was coming but nice to see confirmation also sho getting scared of zombies somehow seems very realistic
12/6/2022 c210 8StayintheCornerMAX
As a kid who was born and raised from a Ciudad where "Aswanghorrific mythical creatures) are famous for, we played hide and seek on graveyards, forrests and wakes of our relatives, wanting to have horror experience. If Lory exist IRL, I swear I could have a full blown fun with all tge effects. LMAO

Thank you Ero-sensei for the update! Please get better soon! XOXO
12/6/2022 c210 7era-romance
why do you insist on placing kyoko and shou in the same vicinity? especially with kuon not around? I sense an angst fest coming...sigh.

I will say I love the story but I will admit I'd really love for 7 to 10 straight chapters of kyoko x kuon fluff after dealing with a heavy. just saying.
12/6/2022 c210 5leeloo17
Bahahaha! I loved your ghoulish torture of Sho xD had me smiling and giggling the entire time heheheh! Poor Kyoko is going to have to put up with him in her debut film, ugh. What is the president scheming now? Thank you and Looking forward to more!
12/6/2022 c210 Guest
Reno or Reino?
12/6/2022 c210 midnitewanderer
I may or may not be cackling in my car on my lunch break at Sho fainting
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