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2/18 c42 GunsGoreCannoli
Wanted: Dead, Ninja Gaiden and Devil’s Third are up for grabs…
2/17 c18 Guest
Bro doom guy is 6ft 9 inches why are you trying to make him 5ft 11
2/9 c15 Guest
can you upload it in tue page? the link doesn't work
2/9 c42 484045
A "Stranger Things" (2016) or "Terminator" crossover might be nice…
2/9 c41 478866
To 'Owen Reece' (Feb 23, 2023): Not only that but with the release of "Annihilation Instinct" and "Trapped in Limbo", I feel as if writers can now take some liberties with the overall storyline…
2/9 c40 472411
I’d like to read some chapters which feature either a 'Divine Conflict' or 'Heaven Versus Hell' scenario, thank you.

~Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku
2/8 c39 471051
You have any other media in mind which would have the Doom Slayer’s party interacting with the United States Army or any other armed forces/military from the 21st Century?
2/7 c38 465844
Evil Will Rise... NOT!
2/6 c37 465843
Tamabi-Fan’s review (Aug 29, 2022) made me realise that there are lessons learned/learnt about nano-robotics from "Avengers: Infinity War/Endgame" and "The Suicide Squad" (2021)…
2/4 c36 463572
So… I’m rereading the review from 'Ud the Imp' (Jul 10, 2022) and come to the 'tentative understanding' that crossing over to works that make use of the 'Nothing Is Scarier' trope ('emptiness' used to invoke fear by leaving it to the audience’s imagination) diminishes the horror, rather than provide the usual sense of 'catharsis' that comes with unleashing the Doom Slayer’s 'Pay Evil Unto Evil' modus operandi?

"There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it."
— Alfred Hitchcock
2/3 c35 406475
Well, I’ve nothing to say about this 'interlude' chapter… other than I’m eagerly awaiting another update for "Hell in a Box"!
2/3 c34 405566
Some more supernatural conspiracies that the Doom Slayer and his allies can emerge at the centre of might be nice…
2/2 c33 405210
I’m now debating which characters across the multiverse might 'benefit' from these Perk-a-Colas…
2/1 c32 391636
Oh hey, it’s the new month… and as for this chapter, it makes me wonder if there could be more "A.I. Is a Crapshoot" examples we could suggest.
1/30 c31 382030 Oreiro
Now reading this chapter makes me wish for another opportunity for either the Heavenly or the Infernal to recognise the Doom Slayer… all for the wonders of reading a Biblical BLOODBATH.
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