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The hell
10/3/2018 c1 David
I have a suggestion for a story. It’s for a friend:
The one-shot would start at the fourth episode of the Star Wars Rebel's third season "The Antilles Extraction" Everything would go like in the original episode until the arrival of Agent Kallus and Governor Pryce in two separate private ships. Sabine would try to avoid her because of their past:

After the Clone Wars ended, the Galactic Empire established a presence on Mandalore and opened an Imperial Academy, which Sabine Wren attended as an Imperial cadet. As a youth, she believed in the Empire and, even as it put her through some rough stuff, followed its orders blindly. During her time at the Academy, she was noticed by Arihnda Pryce, which led to a nightmarish and strangely lewd experience.

The older woman liked younger girls and Sabine was really in her taste. Naive and inexperienced Wren was pulled into a world of BDSM and bondage by the experienced Pryce. Her young mind and body were being slowly broken by the lewd dominatrix. The new, strangely addictive pleasure and the feeling of being dominated were beginning to be the only thing, besides training, that mattered for Sabine.

But before she was completely turned into Pryce's submissive sex slave, she witnessed the Empire subjugating Mandalore. Sabine was wracked with guilt at her own role in helping the Imperials to build the weapons used to subjugate her homeworld. When she spoke out against the Empire, Sabine's mother, her father, and her brother Tristan Wren sided with the Empire and cast her out. Estranged from her family, Sabine Wren escaped the Imperial Academy with the help of her friend, Ketsu Onyo, and deserted the Empire.

But now it is possible to meet this evil... beautiful, strong woman once again. Her memories, which she tried to banish, began flowing back and her body starts to long for the rough, erotic touch. Sabine needed to finish her mission and return quickly to the rebel base. Unfocused, she didn't tell the cadets about her true identity.

Since she tried to avoid Pryce, Sabine didn't attempt the second simulation with Wedge, Rake, and Hobbie telling instructor Goran that she feels ill. Since the Mandalorian wasn't with them, the three cadets decide to act on their own. Unaware of Pryce's trap, Wedge, Rake, and Hobbie try to escape. Pryce presses a button, which disables the TiE's solar collectors, leaving the TIEs floating in space. Pryce then orders Captain Skerris to destroy one of the pods; killing Rake in the process.

Back at the Skystrike Academy, Wedge and Hobbie are brought before Governor Pryce. Pryce demands to know who is the rebel agent and proceeds to demonstrate a torture device. Since Sabine isn't there to admit that she's the rebel agent, none of the cadets are able to answer. After hours of gruesome torture without any answers, Pryce orders Kallus to take the severely injured Wedge and Hobbie to a cell. She intends to visit the 'ill' Cadet and ask her some questions herself.

In her bunk, Sabine is nervously thinking about her next move, not knowing about the recent events. As she is about to leave and opens the door, the young girl looks directly into Pryce's eyes. The surprised woman recognizes Sabine and welcomes her home to the Imperial Academy. Sabine couldn't say a single word. Pryce grabbed the Mandalorian's chin with a mischievous smile and kisses her roughly.

The young Mandalorian immediately blushes and her knees go weak. Pryce breaks the kiss, whispering in her ear that they have a lot to catch on and that she needs to be punished for leaving the academy in the first place. Pryce pulls the mesmerized by the kiss Sabine by her hand, out of her bunk. The young girl would be dumbfounded and would ask herself in her mind "Why she's not resisting?" She should be fighting her. Yet, Sabine only imagined what will the woman do to her.

Pryce would inform Kallus via comlink that she needed to return to her ship since she has some important business to finish. The woman would then lead Sabine aboard her private ship

When the ramp closed itself behind them, Pryce guided Sabine to the ship's bedroom. Sabine immediately was convinced that the room belonged to Pryce. Big bed with chains and ropes lying on the sheets, BDSM toys placed on the desk. A real dominatrix room.

The woman reached behind her back and pulled a pair of binders. Before she could put the binders on the Mandalorian, Sabine breaks free of the woman's grip using her last remaining willpower and takes a battle stance. She intends to fight Pryce and won't go down easy. This actually surprised but didn't anger Pryce. On the contrary, the woman was excited. Defeating and breaking a Mandalorian that fought back was so much more arousing and satisfying.

Pryce would toss the pair of binders on the bed. She would tell Sabine that if the Mandalorian would be able to tie her up and escape the room, she would be free to go. But if Pryce will manage to tie Sabine up, she will become her sex slave... forever.

The young girl began to examine her surroundings. Everything here could help her or be used against her. Sabine's heart would start to beat faster and harder at the thought of the woman tying her up. No! She couldn't let that happen!

The young girl shook her head and lunged aggressively on the woman, who despite being excited was much more calculated. Pryce was also skilled in unarmed combat so it wasn't an easy fight for Sabine, who wanted to end the fight quickly. Not to mention memories of her past were keeping her distracted. Lewd images were constantly appearing in her mind.

Pryce, who was more focused and relaxed, played with Sabine, slowly tiring her out and occasionally stripping her out of a part of her outfit. The young girl was getting more angrier and reckless with every second. Her attacks were getting predictable. Eventually, the more experienced woman would grab the ropes and made her move. With surgical precision, she would begin to tie Sabine, who would try to attack and get more tied up in the process.

When she finished, Sabine was unable to move. Defeated and humiliated. The young Mandalorian was scared and aroused at the same time. Moving her on the bed, Pryce was ready to completely dominated Sabine, finishing what she started years back.

Her body was already betraying her. Sabine was aroused and the woman didn't even start yet. Pryce would slowly begin to bring Sabine to climax after climax out of the aroused Mandalorian. After many of those, Sabine would be too tired allowing Pryce to untie her and re-tie in a more fitting way. She would begin to use her toys to slowly shatter the remaining dominance and resistance out of Sabine. Her mind would be returned to the state of her academy training, but this time there was no going back from the addictive pleasure.

Sabine would do everything in her willpower to resists but it was useless. The rebellion, her friends, everything would cease to have any meaning and only the submissive pleasure would remain important. Pryce would completely break Sabine turning the once proud and rebellious Mandalorian into her submissive, willing sex slave.

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