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for How Eating a Strange Fruit Gave Me My Quirk

6/6 c4 Guest
so many things that are bad about your story its hard to read, good idea poor execution. Try harder and put more effort in your next story please
6/6 c3 Guest
gabage idea with all might being izukus dad lol, you are on a roll with these shitty ideas one after another
6/6 c2 Guest
Garbage idea with the devil fruit should have just made it a quirk. Shouldn't have let them figure out it was a devil fruit and not a quirk.
6/6 c1 Guest
just say he is a late bloomer, doctors arent always right ya dumbasses
6/7 c40 PasiveNox
Great chapter
6/2 c5 97531
I'm surprised Bakugo of all people decided to join his morning workouts.
6/2 c3 97531
I think Mei deserve to be on the list.
5/31 c40 Guest
Improve his writing, what is this guy taking about? I think your writing is great. It sounds like to me that this guy is tricking you I mean he's only on page 1 when there are 39 more to go and he just decides its bad and decides to threaten you if you don't read his sister's fanfics and give them good reviews? What the hell that's a little far I mean if he doesn't like your fanfic he can leave a post about his opinion but im pretty sure he's not supposed to threaten you at all. Honestly that's my opinion about this latest post, either way great story and take your time and don't be discouraged by this.
6/1 c7 Jiopaba
I'm sure it's been said but you spend half this chapter calling Shigaraki Shiratori instead.
5/30 c40 Guest
Monomas getting awesome

With enough life or death situations he’d probably be a heroic all for one

Maybe have a hard limit to his copies quirks that he could evolve further?
5/31 c15 2Bright Inferno
… Yeah, I think I’m done with this fic.

It had a really promising start, but it quickly fizzled out from there. From Izuku having 80% control of OFA and somehow having difficulty facing any of his classmates, to everyone discounting him despite seeing the power and control he has over his quirk, to everyone being “friends” with Bakugo even though they know he bullied Izuku and hasn’t apologized for it, to the anti-climactic end to the sports festival, and to now Izuku somehow getting less offers than Kaminari, the guy who literally forfeited because he didn’t want to get beat by Izuku.

I also can’t stand Bakugo wank stories, where we’re expected to just ignore all of his flaws as the story won’t stop making him out to be the coolest around. Like, why do so many people like him and want to work with him? Why does Gran Torino even give a shit about him? The only people he ever trained were because they had OFA, so why does he all of a sudden want to train Bakugo? What, does he “See his true potential and thinks he should be the wielded of OFA instead” or some bs like that? Why does Rekai even accept having him learn from her? He’s no different from when he challenged her and she beat his ass. Why would she even humor him?

And these were only some of the issues I’ve had reading through this. So, all in all, I’m done reading this shit. Those that happen to like this, go right ahead. I however, got way better stuff to do. And read
5/31 c40 2oujiswan
Que buena historia me gusta mucho
5/31 c2 theeelderman5
so i wonder if he gonna get like gear second and if he will have haki can't the devil teach em? probably not :l
5/31 c1 theeelderman5
i should have expected the rubber fruit when I read purple swirls
5/31 c40 AnimeFan13579
Just going to state it even if only briefly mentioned it. Christmas dress Eri automatically is the best thing in the entire chapter.
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