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for How Eating a Strange Fruit Gave Me My Quirk

5/13 c25 Natsu-Dragneel 210803
so is haki going to play a role in this
5/12 c3 dylansandy1993
I like the story but there are a few times where the dialogue feels inorganic and clipped

- specifically when Man Hands throws noodles on the skillet to get that meaty grease flavor.
people ask, where'd you learn to cook so well? all these tricks?
Izuku says "she's a great big sister figure".

... which doesn't answer anything...

other than that little detail, everything seems pretty good and fluffythough the constant "deku" feels more forced than in canon when Uravity had no idea it was a slurr until weeks after she hears it first.
this time Izuku is much more confident and could have easily told her off (which he does) but he lets it to anyways? why?...

anyways, only those two little details are frustrating when I was reading this chapter, everything else was wonderful.
5/12 c2 dylansandy1993
"all she really needed was a cleaning crew. Momo

honestly, while not entirely in character (in most depictions Momo tends to be less than aware of scale and wealth in the world) I love that line.

-maybe instead of a manor another property, something historic? one that seems middle class but is in actuality a historic reconstruction project from pre quirk times?

just, this paragraph made me laugh, but it felt too self aware for how Momo was during the beginning of the story. (home school rich girl)
5/9 c1 HeckNo
Ch1 So, out of all the powers in all the worlds he could have had by eating a magic apple, you gave Izuku the power of... rubber. The same as Luffy. (shakes head)
I guess I was too excited about the story (and to find out what power he had) and now I am left disappointed. I'm not even going to bother reading the next chapter. I know you're not going to let him use the power of One for All properly.
You're supposed to add a quirk to change the story, and NONE of YOU have done that. At all. You all just rehash the same old plot and don't fix anything, even though Izuku with a quirk would change EVERYTHING!
5/10 c1 AnimeGamer4444
Started it, finished whats out, liked it, can't think of anything else to say right now.
5/10 c19 Namittheking
i really like the story so far, but i felt i should point out one thing which i dont agree with in this chapter. making the teachers wear weights which are equal to half their body weight doesnt really handicap most of the heroes. For example, the weights wont stop snipe from shooting or midnight's gas. Many of the heroes could actually just stand in one place and use their quirks unhindered
5/7 c25 1GuardEzio
And do the pieces are being set for the first games end. Oh this is getting better and better _
5/5 c1 Guest
Ç I was reading your fic I thought it was very good, and to see that you don’t put the gear 4 in izuku why did you say you have to have haki, but I thought of a way for izuku to use it, it would be like this izuku inhales the air into the body until it looks like a bullet so it distributes the air to the members of the body so it does the opposite that All Might instead of expanding the muscles he atrophies him using one for all in my head it would look more like the snake man
OBS: I'm using Google translator to write if I have errors and because of him If you use this idea to put my name Merniliano
5/3 c1 smananderson09
you should put himiko in the harem
5/1 c10 4greenarrow679
you ever read toku no hero academia?
4/30 c22 Dbot15112002
I am kind of disappointed, even with the changes the fight with wolfram was just as hard as canon, I was hoping for something different.
Even if we compare Izuku with other characters he still stands at the same place(maybe slightly higher) he was in canon.
Good chapter nonetheless though I hope Izuku will have a bigger difference in power compared to his canon counterpart than what you have shown until now.
4/30 c1 greenarrow679
had an epiphany while imitating their screaming match (dont ask) and realized Izuku would be closer to a Mr. Fantastic sort of character than luffy imo. Completely unrelated to the fic, just a thought
4/28 c2 Naruto-DXD6996
Yes everything is made out of rubber(/) imagine the sex scenes! Lol
4/28 c1 Guest
Surprised that people don't know that ALL water effects DF users when they are SUBMERGED in it. Oda has confirmed this in an SBS. Not to mention that Luffy was still affected by the cloud sea. Basically it states that moving water like rain or waves do not affect fruit users. But standing water does if it's above waist deep. Luffy and Brook in Film Z had almost their whole body submerged in the tub and they still felt weak. So right on the money.
4/29 c6 Dbot15112002
I like this version of Bakugo.
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