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for Breaking Down

3/21/2020 c4 dumbclown
Ok first all, wtf? Only cause my feelings are hurt, and I’m crying. Other than that- This was amazing holy crap. I loved your writing and the way you portrayed them. And the ending being bittersweet,, it was so good. (also personal thought- I kinda imagine that just maybe down the line they manage to work something out even if it would still be a bit awkward. wishful thinking on my part oops.)
10/14/2018 c2 Pamitydesu01
What an awkward situation, amazing chapter, by the way. I don’t even know how I would react, probably hiding somewhere from everyone and everything. Anyway, again, loved the chapter and the story!
10/13/2018 c1 11Infinite's Ruby
Well, that's a scenario no one wants to go through. I could feel the awkwardness between Sonic and Mario after an incident like this happening.

This is a great one-shot and I would love to see an additional chapter. Keep up the good work.
9/24/2018 c1 10TheGameNguyener
Hate to see that happen after getting blackout drunk. Hasn't happened to me since I hate alcohol, but I did wake up on my friend's bed one time when I lived it up. I wouldn't mind an additional chapter, but this was good enough. I'm also pretty sure I've never caught a glimpse of the first iteration since I joined FFN in December 2016. Either way, solid oneshot.


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