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1/17 c71 7Nova Kaiser Joe
This was interesting, I can't wait to see how things will handle now that the semi-finals begin.
1/17 c64 4killian.rainey
so will Daisuke use Fortress Whale a little more different than what she does in my story that I adopted from you?
1/17 c57 killian.rainey
can't wait to see how Dark Magician will progress with Daisuke in the tournament
1/16 c71 5ShiroHollow96
Love the chapter! I can't wait for more! And it's so sweet daisuke has kaiba wrapped around her finger
1/8 c70 Guest
Update please
1/8 c70 7Nova Kaiser Joe
This was awesome. Now, it's official, Kaiba has his heart for a certain Dragon of Miracles~ *I get hit by a White Lightning* Worth!
1/8 c70 4dream lighting
Amazing as Ali way love this cross over works so well love it
1/8 c70 5ShiroHollow96
Loved it! Knew seto would save her! And Iove the new monster! I can't wait to see him in action. Amazing chapter like always
12/30/2020 c69 Guest
Update please
12/30/2020 c69 7Nova Kaiser Joe
Well this was interesting. It was awesome to see Darkness Dragon and interesting to see Kari take charge LOL
12/30/2020 c69 5ShiroHollow96
Loved the chapter! Was amazing! Kari surprised me here lol. I hope Daisuke is saved soon
12/30/2020 c69 13foxchick1
Excited to see the next chapter, especially when the rest of the gang reaches the duel.
12/26/2020 c68 Guest
Update please
12/26/2020 c68 7Nova Kaiser Joe
Ah, this was interesting to read. Sorry for the delay, but no internet.
12/25/2020 c68 5ShiroHollow96
Love the chapter! I can't wait for more. Hopefully Daisuke is saved along with Tea and Joey. Though how are Kari and Willis going to save Tristan and Serenity?
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