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8/25 c92 Guest
Update please update please
7/30 c92 13foxchick1
I am curious to see what will happen next.
4/14 c92 Pikarosee1994
Update please
4/4 c92 12345678910
Love this story so much can’t wait for vermin to digivolve into magnamon hope you can update when you feel like it
4/3 c52 1234578910
I hope she ends up with yami
This story is amazing thank you for writing it
3/5 c92 4killian.rainey
can't wait to see what Daisuke's deck master will be when she and Yugi battle the Big 5
2/5 c92 7Nova Kaiser Fox
This was a fun chapter to read, I enjoy the new format, makes it easier to show. And I like the use of the Red-Eyes archetype and Daenerys' Deck Master skill, it's a nice change from Joey's empowering effect when he uses Flame Swordsman. Keep up the awesome work, dude :)
1/15 c91 Nova Kaiser Fox
This was a cool chapter, can't wait to see how Daisuke beats that lawyer. *Insert evil lawyer joke here* And happy to see Daenerys appear again and I'm interested in her Deck Master ability LOL Keep up the awesome work, dude.
1/15 c91 4killian.rainey
I can't wait to see what kind of deck master ability Daisuke's monster has next turn
1/15 c91 2Nickle2bird
I think she needs to hire phoenix wright
12/20/2021 c90 7Nova Kaiser Fox
This was a fun read, I'm glad that Tea won LOL Creepy guy in a penguin, you lost. You may have won in the Abridged series, which is equally funny and much more fun, but canon is a fickle being. Keep up the great work, dude :)
12/9/2021 c89 5ShiroHollow96
Great story! Loved the chapter I know Tea can win
11/30/2021 c88 4dream lighting
Loved the chapters they were so so good
11/29/2021 c89 7Nova Kaiser Fox
This was an interesting read, I can't wait to see what you come up with next :) Keep up the cool work; also, it's always funny to see Crump's flippers burn XD
11/19/2021 c53 4killian.rainey
i hope to see Daisuke and Espa have a rematch in the future
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