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9/12 c5 Ancalagon
This is a truly beautiful piece. I love it. It feels perfect - you have captured the idea of Dumbledore trying to work within the system to promote small changes. It makes good sense that the Golden Trio would advocate for democracy. Honestly, democracy has the potential to work much better in a smaller society, because the barrier to communication is lower.

More than that, I loved how you wrote the piece from Neville's point of view, making him very sympathetic. You gave him the skill and nous to provide a serious foil to Hermione in the Wizengamot, deservedly so.

Thank you for sharing this piece.
7/24 c5 Guest
What really interests me about this fic, is that if Neville had done more research into other forms of government, he wouldn't have been so willing to defend the Wizengamot. At its core, the Wizengamot is an aristocracy, so power is passed down through lineage, and influence and wealth are traded among a selection of families. What Neville described in his first anti-democracy speech sounded far closer to a geniocracy or noocracy, where right to rule is determined by education, intelligence, and wisdom. Still elitist, but, theoretically, not as corrupt.
7/21 c3 Guest
Dude making hermione sound like hitler bruh
7/11 c5 1palletboy2001
Neville here is really a traitor. He should be punished more... such as his parents or... shaming him hard
6/21 c5 Guest
OMG! I LOVE a BAMF Hermione!
Brilliant story thank you ️
6/2 c5 nilluminator
Would you blame me if I said the final line by Hermione is so OP it feels like it belongs in a crack fic?
5/15 c5 Gazuzin
Just perfect, wish it was longer and we had seen Old Families working hard for a change, anyways thanks for writing this, cheers
4/25 c5 3Nebresh
Still a very good story!
4/19 c5 observentuser
I have to say, staying up till past 5am to finish this story was a brilliant idea. This has to be the funniest post Battle of Hogwarts and political upheaval story I have read. Thank you so much for this :-)
4/19 c5 1DeadFish37
This is brilliant. Great work. Hearing it told from Neville's point of view is refreshing, and I almost felt sympathy for him - somehow, the story feels more substantive with this tinge of melancholy than a triumphal story from Hermione's point of view ever could.
4/10 c1 Jo Cook
3/17 c5 Joshuajgb
10/10, I loved it. Especially that final line.
12/10/2021 c4 1Almanaro Alcarafinwe
Based and redpilled. This has been an absolute pleasure to read.
12/10/2021 c1 Almanaro Alcarafinwe
Thank you, a fic that points out the blatant muggle wanking
11/29/2021 c5 dude356
Oof! This story really had me on edge the entire time, especially as the conflict came so close to civil war.

I wouldn't say that I hated Neville in this story, but it's one of the few times that I've disliked him without the author turning him into a full-fledged Dark Lord.

I suppose he gets points for not having his head so far up his ass that he didn't realize what would happen if a family of muggleborns was prosecuted for something that a pureblood family takes for granted, and quashing it before it had a chance to spark a war when tensions were already high.

That being said, it's a shame that it took that to make him realize that this wasn't a fight that he was going to win, or that he didn't realize early on that it was the system he thought so highly of that allowed things to get to that point in the first place.

The system he supported was so corrupt that it allowed people who did wrong to walk free as long as they had enough gold and then let them have a say in government policy, but imprisoned people whenever the Minister wanted to be "seen to be doing something".

So corrupt that, on the whim of an administration (and one of the aforementioned people with lots of gold), Harry came thisclose to being expelled for preventing himself and his cousin from being Kissed by a dementor, then slandered in the press and tortured by a member of government for speaking a truth it didn't want told.

So corrupt that the same government that just tried to kill Harry, then tried to kick Harry out of their society when that didn't work, then slandered/tortured him when that didn't work realized that his name had power and decided to try to exploit it by turning him into a Ministry mouthpiece.

So corrupt that the wrongdoers with all that gold were allowed to infiltrate the government and take it over very shortly after one of the few people who seemed to be trying to do anything to stop it was assassinated.

Finally, so corrupt that the same person who tortured Harry for speaking the truth, after the coup by Voldemort, was given the power to imprison muggleborns for being muggleborns; and have Kissed any who resisted too much.

I don't know how Neville could have looked back at all that and thought that a government run by Purebloods, many of the same Purebloods that allowed everything that caused both wars to happen by their actions and/or inactions, was not going to make muggleborns and half-bloods feel like second-class citizens, or worse.
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