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10/30/2018 c1 Nick
All right. Fine. Because you wanted it. Consider this my good deed for you. :)

First paragraph - maybe they all piss him off equally?
The "he doesn't know which pisses him off more..." always works to summarize the situation, but you read enough and the law of averages dictates you eventually will see enough of these to irk you a bit. But lucky you, I had no real smartass comment spring to mind for anything specific in this paragraph.

"They have her caged, just like they did him. Jesus."
Yes, my child?

"Go fuck yourself, Phil." He grins at the other man sharply."
People in fiction are always so different from me. They always use more words than necessary. A scowl and raised middle finger convey the same message without using as much oxygen. People think I'm mad because of a raised voice, but in reality the readier I am to do harm the quieter and calmer I get.

"...soul bond..."
Vulcan mind meld.

"...the familiarity of their touch."
Vulcan nerve pinch.

But kidding aside, touch from the right person is very good. Touch can calm you down. Touch can quiet disturbed slumber. Touch can chase away the darkness.
Touch from the right person is...right.

"They use actual heroin..."
Drugs can be used in brainwashing.
They can also be used for interrogation. Dealers will tell you straight that a hooked narc will sell his badge for a fix.
[redacted because I'm not sure how much I should comment on addiction and drug use]

This was sweet at its core, yet just a rough ride. Withdrawal is just...it's not anything you ever want to deal with, and I've never even personally experienced it, only seen it.
But it was well-written. You did a very good job with it, which is why it was a rough ride. If that makes sense.
10/23/2018 c1 Nick
I know it's supposed to be "Withdrawal", but I'm going to go real literal here for the hell of it.
With drawl? Ok - howdy, y'all.

All I wanted to say right now. I'll circle around back when I'm ready for something heavy.
9/29/2018 c1 16EndlessSoliloquy
While I have to say that FitzSimmons is life, I'll admit to being curious about what could have been between Simmons and Ward. The little direction this possible relationship went was enough to enjoy little fics like these. And while this is a great stopping point, I also want more. Thanks for such a wonderful little world.
9/23/2018 c1 323bhut
Well, this was really touching. Good luck to Grant and Jemma. Cheers.

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