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10/3 c1 Ariana
What if Duncan had anger issues and won in the princess pride in Total Drama Action instead of Courtney?
What if Owen never returned in TDA?
What if Duncan left over Leshawna?
8/22 c10 Ellismskd24
What if Gwen hooked up with Cody instead of Duncan in World Tour?
8/21 c10 LittleRedline
I had an idea: What if Izzy and Katie never swapped teams? Basically if Katie remained a Gopher while Izzy was a Bass.
8/21 c10 9Spectacular Webhead 11
What if Gwen hooked up with Cody in TDWT instead of Duncan?
8/20 c10 1OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOV
Quite the massive divergence this one caused, though Heather still made it to the Final 3, which is unfortunate. But on the bright side, Bridgette and Izzy made to the Final 2. Who knew Harold's decision to be voluntarily eliminated before it was found out he rigged to the votes against Courtney turned out to be the right decision?
8/20 c10 11AnonBrowser
An all-female final five? That's definitely a first from what I've seen in Total Drama fics and not something I was expecting. Getting into your scenario here, I knew Harold would quit as soon as you started talking about his guilt over the vote tampering. I've never understood why he rigged the votes against Courtney instead of Duncan when it's the delinquent who Mr. McGrady had issues with at the time. Nevertheless, I did like how Chef was willing to give Leshawna his love note after withdrawing from the contest. Following that, I sadly knew Trent was a goner with his injury once the Bass won instead of the Gophers (creating a rare instance where the total win-loss ratio among the teams is dead even prior to the merge), and there's no doubt he would've lost that tiebreaker to Heather even without resigning on his own terms. On the plus side, our guitarist didn't get duped by her later in the game.

For the Brunch of Disgustingness, I find it funny how the males more easily were victorious with Heather and the CIT getting into a spat at the females' expense :P. I admittedly was surprised to see the latter beat Eva in the "No Pain, No Gain" challenge, but I guess she got an extra boost from sheer determination to win and oust the hot-headed jock. Can't say I blame her for wanting that. It either way amused me how Izzy cast a vote for "Christopher Columbus" there instead of any contestants XD. Same for how Mr. Bad Boy tossed our antagonist into the lake following her failed attempt to sabotage the guy's relationship with Courtney during "Search and Do Not Destroy". Once he was voted off that night, it was quite predictable how his girlfriend would become infuriated.

During the "Hide and Be Sneaky" challenge, I don't blame Bridgette for being irked by her friend's rage. Too bad Lindsay had to get voted off here. However, I do like how you kept in the busty blonde lashing out at a so-called "ally" after realizing how she was being used, and it's nice to not see her ge booted over an absurd technicality. That tirade from canon is too iconic to not use! Unfortunately, Owen ends up getting that instead next challenge with Chris being an ass by splitting hairs over who does/doesn't cross the line. It was totally unfair how the host didn't just wait for all qualified racers to reach that point! What I didn't anticipate is how it would come from Courtney withdrawing out of guilt over earlier anger to help him. Talk about a cruel irony.

As for "Hook, Line and Screamer", here's something many viewers appear to overlook: McLean said in canon it was "unanimous" that DJ would go home. This means everybody else voted for him that night (and the gentle giant may have even voted himself off). When our showrunner mentioned that it came form the guy freaking out before even seeing the fake killer (Chef), my best guess is they wanted to spare DJ from future scares/hardships with their votes, sort of a "he's suffered enough and let's end his pain" ordeal. With different people in the game now, I thought you would've changed up his actions more, but oh well.

Regarding "Wawanakwa Gone Wild!", a lack of immunity would explain why Gwen (the winner) was in the bottom two during the actual episode. I just don't remember that being spelled out explicitly (maybe I'll have to watch it again to refresh my memory). In any case, I respect how Courtney apologized to the surfer after getting the axe there. Side note: I get a kick out of the dirty joke our crazy redhead makes by calling her boyfriend "Big-O" XD. Nice to see that allusion to future episodes. While seeing Geoff go out next took me by surprise at first because of my instinct somehow sensing you'd start to even out the sex ratio, it is understandable how Heather wanted to eliminate one half of a couple. Being the last boy among a group of girls was indeed an accomplishment for him to be proud of. However, you forgot to mention who he voted for that night, and I assume you meant to write "a disappointed Leshawna and Bridgette" instead of "a disappointed Leshawna and Heather" (our villain of the season won this challenge).

Up next is Leshawna sadly getting the rigged vote in "Haute Camp-ture" just like in the real TDI. That was fucking bullshit how Chris tampered with the voting process! I always felt bad for her there. Once it was down to four, I liked how Izzy created her own version of Mr. Coconut (that was a fun thing Owen did) and a joke elimination ceremony was held to get rid of that :P. The way she helped Bridgette with forest fears in the following challenges was very considerate and helps show more of how our wild one has a heart. Gwen going out because of Hatchet being bored by her diary readings? That sounds rather petty and is the least understandable elimination of this chapter.

Getting into the "I Triple Dog Dare You!" challenge (this is my favorite episode of season 1 and possibly the whole Total Drama series), it remains very satisfying to see Heather finally get karma with all those dares! Nice how Izzy could dominate before teaming up with our surfing enthusiast to take down the future Mrs. Burromurto. So glad you kept in the iconic head shaving scene too! It was a nice way for Lindsay to (indirectly) get revenge on her. With the finals, who did Beth support? Her name isn't listed among the supporters of either finalist, and you have an incomplete sentence with "it was Harold who had wrote that letter to Leshawna all the way back during the". I'm guessing the sassy one also found out she's the one it was meant for.

Overall, a very well-compiled installment with twists I hadn't foreseen! It just might be the best one yet from this fic. Nice to see more rewrites from you. Season 6 is the only one you haven't done yet, so maybe we could see something with the Pahkitew contestants in a future chapter? It would help add diversity to your collection.
8/20 c10 MatiasND
Nice chapter. I'm glad of reading one of your stories again.
5/13 c9 Random Reader Guy
Fantastic divergence fics can be hard to come by but I think you nailed every single one of your chapters
3/26 c1 Ariana
What If Duncan got most of the blame in the love triangle and gets eliminated in australia instead of Gwen for what happened?
What if Duncan had a worse temper than island in Action, making him the feared castmate in action instead of Courtney?
3/20 c1 Ariana
What If Lindsay was the princess in the princess pride so Courtney would go home.
12/23/2020 c8 Guest
What about “What if Gwen rejected Duncan’s kiss?” in “I See London...”.
12/12/2020 c9 1OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOV
Crack ship Anne Maria/Cameron. I see why it's unusually appealing. Jo vs Zoey is the Final 2, huh? At least Anne Maria made to the Final 3 before being eliminated. And Zoey learned of Mike's MPD aka DID in the finale. What a divergence. Though Scott still made it to the Final 4, which I'm upset about, really.
10/21/2020 c8 3WhatTheHeck23
Not a very exciting finale, but good nonetheless. It certainly allowed other characters to be fleshed out more and the fact that Heather and Alejandro weren’t practically untouchable the whole time was really nice. I found it so darn unrealistic how Alejandro outwitted all of these people without anyone noticing that anyone close to him ended up eliminated. Or how Heather survived for so long because Chris always made reward challenges for her.

Overall, I really liked how you wrote Owen and Izzy here. Brainzilla was a terrible idea in my opinion and the added bit of romance was nice. I especially liked how you described Owen’s thoughts at the beginning. Overall, I think this version of World Tour would’ve been way better. I am wondering what happened to Ezekiel for him to not show up at the end though
10/20/2020 c9 3NightShadow2955
Here's a good one:

'What if Chris never instated Ella's "singing instant disqualification" rule?'

or what about...

'What if Sammy/Samey never took Amy's place?'

or perhaps...

'What if Trent was the one that received immunity in "Search and Do Not Destroy"?'
10/20/2020 c7 3WhatTheHeck23
Hmmmm, I might be biased here (because I love Lightning), but you seem to have done the impossible: reduced character derailment in early All-Stars. You didn't make Duncan go incessantly far again, and you made Mal seem a bit more strategic. It definitely seemed characteristic for Heather to get rid of Jo instead of Lightning, and I like how Gwen decided to not repeat her Trent mistake again. Overall, what I'm saying is, they could've made Lightning a good guy like you did and it still would've been better than anything they wrote for All-Stars lol
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