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4/23/2022 c1 20dark dreamerx
NOOOO the angst T_T. This was such a great opening chapter! I'm so glad I found your fic! I have been looking for a Yatori fic to read and I definitely found one ;D
1/3/2022 c44 15Zinnia99
I wonder what Hiyori's up to frantically digging through that bag makes her seem like she's hiding something. I'm looking forward to the Yato-Masaomi scene. There's so many ways that can go. The story has been progressing nicely, giving each character some time to shine on their own and with others.
1/3/2022 c43 Zinnia99
As someone who has been stuck inside of an elevator, it can be a bit unsettling to be unsure of how or when you'll be getting out of there. On the flip side, it is a great place to be when you need to talk to someone. Having this elevator scene was great because they are forced to talk to each other until they can get out of there. I love that little bit of humor in the last line. As I was reading I was wondering why they didn't teleport out of there.
1/3/2022 c42 Zinnia99
This chapter was full of tension. I love it! They're finally communicating how they've been feeling. I wonder if the Blight was caused by Hiyori and the baby. Great work with this chapter. :)
1/3/2022 c41 Zinnia99
I love how snarky Yukine is. You captured that aspect of his character really well during his rant. He lets others know when they're in the wrong and have hurt him. He wants them to know and doesn't beat around the bush. This chapter was filled with quite a bit of drama which was a nice transition from the previous chapters which were a bit slower. Things are slowly picking up again.
1/3/2022 c40 Zinnia99
It will be interesting to see how introducing Nora to the group goes. Yukine sure knows how to pop up and bring on the stress. After reading this chapter and the last few with Hiyori and Nora together, I think having a Yukine-centric chapter would be a great addition. We've seen that he's mostly accepting of what's going on, but seeing what he's truly feeling and thinking would be nice.
1/3/2022 c39 Zinnia99
The baby could be that final push that Nora needs to escape from Fujisaki's hold over her. The baby reveal was such a heartwarming and intimate moment between Hiyori and Nora. It is nice to see Yato's return home. Perhaps he and Masaomi will have a heart-to-heart with each other.
1/3/2022 c38 Zinnia99
I really liked the interaction between Hiyori and Nora. We get to see a more emotional and innocent side of Nora from their conversation. It would be great to see more of Hiyori and Nora together because I feel like they complement each other well. Nora's seen the worst that a person can see yet still has an air of innocence about her while Hiyori is actively maturing and knows that the world is ugly but also can be quite beautiful.
1/3/2022 c37 Zinnia99
This chapter was full of emotions! Hiyori's confusion and surprise with her grandmother, Father's callousness, and Yato's fear and desperation were all portrayed excellently.
1/12/2021 c37 11Amethyst Lynn Willow
I read all of this in 1 day. I love it during your 1st few chapters I had some reservations because your writing felt disjointed and the chapter is not detailed enough. However the more I read the better you got. I'm dying to read more I noticed that you haven't updated since November of last year I hope to hear more read more of your story soon.
12/27/2020 c1 Amethyst Lynn Willow
Definitely an interesting start. Bravo!
1/1/2020 c35 15Zinnia99
The bonding moment between Hiyori and her mom was the highlight of the chapter for me. This hang out is going to be awkward for Hiyori for so many reasons. Fujisaki is so evil He loves rubbing stuff in. I wish their conversation went along better. I want to see what is up.
12/31/2019 c34 Zinnia99
Yukine gets annoyed a little bit too easily for this Hiyori situation. Yukine provides an unfiltered opinion which us needed in difficult times like these. I think Hiyori and Yukine balance each other out. I'm a bit happy that Hiyori is going home. I feel that it is the most stable environment for her.
12/31/2019 c33 Zinnia99
I think Tenjin's reaction to the situation is written very well. It is a good balance between his wrathful side and rationality. The conversation was intense and took an unexpected turn. I hope this conversation comes up again between Yato and Hiyori once they're reunited.
12/31/2019 c32 Zinnia99
I feel bad for Yukine. He's trying to handle the situation Yato has left them in, but he has no experience or idea on what to do. Kazuma has lost touch with the world. He's so mean. I can't believe he lied. This chapter shows a lot of emotions of the characters.
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