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for Hellblazer and the Chamber of Secrets

6/9/2019 c16 Greer123
Interesting way for John to Keep Gryffindor's sword.
5/29/2019 c16 CelestiaGriffin
I'm enjoying your retellings of the stories from different perspectives. I'm also enjoying you're portrait of a young John Constantine, as well as subtly sprinkling in some of the other DC universe in there as.

How ever I've noticed some inconsitanties in the story, At times the characters change to the original one involved.

Take the encounter with Arragog, you had John tell Harry to research in the libary and Ron was staying in Gryffindor tower and the car was back at the Weasley's, then when John was captured by one of the Acromantula's and was Being taken before Arragog, he suddenly changed to Harry, with Ron being carried by another Acromantula and the car was in the clearing, and even during the end of the conversation between John and Arragog John switched a few times to Harry and back.

The second such instance is in the confrontation with John and Voldermort/Riddle half way through just before he releases the Basalisk, it changes from John and lockhart's wand being held by Riddle, to Harry and his own wand being held by riddle.

I get why it probably happened and it's not a bad thing per-say, it just shoves you out of the story a tiny bit and interrupts the follow of the story when reading it, I noticed it happened a few times in Hellblazer and the philosopher's stone as well, but didn't mention it as I was waiting to see if it was just a typo.

This may have been pointed out to you before, and if so I apologise if I'm coming off as being overly critical, that wasn't my intent just felt you should be made aware. Looking forward to your next instalment.
5/20/2019 c16 Fax15
Oh, that's great! as always very exciting and great, waiting for the next book!

PD: Is it normal to want to read how people who want to Jhon see him self-destructing with all his addictions and hate himself?

(use the translator forgiveness for spelling mistakes)
5/19/2019 c15 Greer123
It was very interesting the way you had John transform in this chapter.
5/11/2019 c12 Greer123
Looks like John Constantine has some blackmail material on Fudge now because of his imcompodance trying to arrest Hagrid.
5/10/2019 c12 Fax15
Extrañaba tu historia! Como siempre es buenisima.
Pobre hagrid!
3/12/2019 c11 Greer123
John is so going to learn about trusting cursed objects this year.
3/5/2019 c11 Fax15
1/22/2019 c10 Greer123
What John did in this chapter reminds me of what John did to save that kid in the Summer Camp episode of Legends of Tomorrow.
1/20/2019 c10 Fax15
muy bueno como siempre!
En qué momento Constantine va a empezar a tomar y fumar?
tercer libro? o el cuarto?
12/14/2018 c9 Fax15
esto es tan genial! sigue así, viva constantine!
12/3/2018 c9 Greer123
I loved Fleur's mothers reaction to meeting John at first.
12/3/2018 c8 Greer123
That dream of John is very interesting.
12/3/2018 c7 Greer123
Ironic that John is telling Gary not to take drugs when in the comics most of the spells he does requires the use of drugs.
12/3/2018 c6 Greer123
It is interesting that you made John a parseltongue.
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