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for Missing Scenes of John and Delenn

9/7 c25 Hotcookinmama
Oh, the vows were PERFECT! I certainly could hear their voices. So them! So beautiful! Thank you for giving the world this wonderful gift!
8/30 c10 Hotcookinmama
Oh. My. Gosh.
I am SOOOOOO glad I found this wonderful treasure! Back when Babylon 5 first aired, it was my first experience getting involved with a fandom and I loved it. I learned that fan fiction existed at the time, but I was scared to jump in and go down the rabbit hole. Fast forward twenty years, getting involved with another fandom (Arrow), I finally gave in and discovered how fun and exciting fanfic is! A couple years ago, I did a search on AO3 for B5 fic and was disappointed. After finishing a B5 rewatch with my whole family (my 11-year-old’s first watching), I started thinking of B5 fanfic again. I realized I should search this site instead. I’m so glad I did!

Your story here is EXACTLY what I’ve always yearned for in the B5 universe. It’s not that we didn’t see a lot of the Sheridan / Delenn relationship over the course of the show, but I’ve always wanted and imagined more. Your story fills in those gaps so well. I’m practically giddy reading it! The actors did amazing jobs portraying the emotions between these two characters, but you’re giving me all the thoughts behind those emotions as well. And then additions are pure gold! The first kiss was perfection. This will forever be my head-canon. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I can’t wait to read more!
7/14 c26 55LornaCat
YAY I was so happy to see the notification for this! it's taken a decade for me to finish a few of my stories (omg) so don't you worry, you are doing great! And I'll always return to this, after any amount of time, for anything you can share.

Wow, I really never gave a second thought that the bathroom on Minbar might have hanging socks in it too, haha! Do Minbari have bathrooms? Do they wear socks? Hmm...

I love how well you do the Lennier stuff, in addition to the perfection of John & Delenn. That awkward pain of knowing she knows how he feels, and Delenn knowing he knows she knows! It's really too bad you can't learn how to be John Sheridan at Ranger school, hehe.

The show played the moment for comedy (which I loved), and yet once again you add another perfect missing scene that is now canon in my head :)
Her experience of the 'bad' version of fluttering butterflies, and then that dark possessiveness...there's no meditation in the galaxy that could eradicate those human feelings, poor Delenn! And who would not be jealous, since John is a great husband who makes sure to work it out so they don't go to sleep feeling bad :)

Thanks so much for writing, and take all the time you need, we'll be here! :D
7/13 c26 Guest
I’m so glad you picked this back up! I’ve reread it several times. I love how you describe their feelings and interactions in scenes from the show and added details and story points that we all wished we had. You’ve really captured John and Delenn, as if you were inside their heads! Thank you so much for adding more adventures to the characters that we love so much.
7/13 c26 72Beth6787
So good to see you back & continuing with this wonderful backstory. John & Delenn’s romance was the highlight of B5 without a doubt
7/12 c26 Sailacrossthesun17
Thank you for adding another chapter, loved it!
7/12 c26 3Nielsen1984
Yea, Jon should have definitely have told Delenn that he had another wife before they got married...how else was she supposed to react? :p
7/12 c26 Julie Stebbins
A great read Anne, well worth the wait. You bring them alive as if I watched the show yesterday. As always, more please:) Wouldn't it be interesting to see what was originally filmed before any editing was done. Regards Julie
5/21 c25 BesserWessi
Thank you so much for this story! I usually like to pretend Season 5 never happened, but with your wonderful 'context' I'm eager to give it another try...
5/21 c10 BesserWessi
I love the way you handled their first kiss. So much more like them. I mean, John and Delenn snogging right in front of the whole White Star crew?! As much as I liked that scene for what it meant to their relationship, I fell that especially Delenn would have never done something like that.
4/8 c25 4gcrazyme
Someday, maybe, more?
4/8 c19 4gcrazyme
It's a hundred year pandemic, and watching Babylon 5 (& others) is saving my sanity. Needed some fleshing out of the visual, and, quite simply, yours is the best writing to be found online! Thank you for writing and posting.
4/4 c7 Type1403
It's been so long since I've seen a B5 episode, but I still remember. Starting chapter 7 currently and definitely will finish, love it! Maybe one day you'll add something new, so I will follow.
3/22 c25 1Aravan'sLady
Such a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it with us!
And please, please, continue
3/4 c25 Julie Stebbins
You’ve done a great job. Your story fits seemlessly into the series. You also remained true to their characters. I enjoyed it immensely. Where’s the rest?
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