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8/20/2022 c5 1Redmist88
this is not dimaria we all know you mess it up
5/22/2022 c5 deathcorn5
please update this amazing story
4/20/2022 c5 sayuriuchiha1229
Great story so far! Really hope that you continue it at some point!
4/6/2022 c5 Look2022
Good Chapter.
9/16/2020 c5 chrislgerlach
I don’t know what it is about this story, but it is amazing. There’s just something about it that draws you in. Love to see that it’s a Dimaria pairing too, a very underutilized pairing. I hope that this story will be continued in the future.
8/17/2020 c5 Guest
7/30/2020 c5 Morningstar786
6/4/2020 c5 Reeses Chocolate
update please
5/13/2020 c5 Jpardo
Yo this story...not a lot of fics pairing these two,I hope you come back to continue this soon. I really am enjoying it.
5/13/2020 c1 4Crimson Dragon Armageddon
The writing is great the grammar is alright. Its a little odd but okay.
3/19/2020 c5 12mastercheif1229
This is a pretty good story so far! I hope that you continue it at some point!
2/29/2020 c5 Guest
1/23/2020 c5 MetalBatt
Fuck! Why is this story so damn good and why did I have to catch up to it so damn fast! GODDAMMIT! FUUUCK!

...and now I'm depressed (;~;)...

Well, you can definitely expect my support from now until the end of this story, and perhaps even beyond if your style of writing is anything to go by :). Until next time, my good author!
1/23/2020 c3 MetalBatt
NOW THIS IS AN ADVENTURE FIC! Usually fics that categorize themselves under "adventure" are pretty tame and don't really have a sense of... well... adventure, haha! They usually just follow the canon story and don't really change much. But this right here is great! I know I'm barely starting the story, but I just love the culture you created for the Yestas :D! And this competition to marry the daughter of the leader fits so well with what you've portrayed the people to be like. It kinda makes me picture a culture like the the Gerudo/Amazon's, only that men are allowed in the village lol.
1/19/2020 c5 2Dr Yandere
Pls don't give up on this.
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