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for Symphony of Love

10/17 c25 Gravitybeam
Thank you for the wonderful and cute story!
9/23 c10 Narukami Sora Aichimitsu
Now, let's say this would become a real book...
I'd pay even a million dollars to buy it.
It's amazing, how the author has combined all these expressions and feeling into this book.
It's just... brilliant. Excellent.
7/22 c2 Michael Wijaya
You know what make me sad reading this story? Cause I know that this didn't happen
5/4 c25 TheLoserKiroko
I think the story went amazing and brilliant in the beginning, but had a rushed ending. So may I fill in the gap from the timestop and put it on Wattpad? I'll be combining it with another fanfiction a bit if you don't mind.
4/18 c19 Karrot Soup
I wish they had a happier ending in the real show :(...
This fanfiction is amazing, from the story to the writing itself. I hope others will be able to enjoy this fanfiction as well.
4/2 c25 Nightnter
What a nice ending. I've been following this story for a long time, one of my favorites. The wait was worth it. And I just finished reading it one April.
4/1 c25 Lulu
Brilliant work. One I will re-read more than once. Thank you for the closing - perfect!
3/30 c25 Undeath9087
Did a double-take when I saw the update. I can't remember when I found this, but I'm glad I did. It's been a ride. Probably gonna need to reread it at some point, not that I mind. This was really good!
12/18/2020 c24 nazeing
When’s is the next chapter?
11/4/2020 c24 Guest
Where is the next chapter?
I want to read it :(
10/23/2020 c24 StyroShipper
Looking forward to seeing the next chapter :D
10/18/2020 c10 EricFake name
Ahhhh, fluffffffff
10/4/2020 c24 idk
Thank you for bringing light into our world especially after that tragic ending that brought tears to many in the anime, it's Ok if u have lost motivation to continue just remember to rewind and always think about never stop loving your lie in April and if u really could i wouldn't mind a few more chapters following this one as it really leaves on a high and suspencful note. Hope we get to see them as a happy and married couples with plenty of talented you for this alternative ending!
7/17/2020 c24 WoodenPoem
Please keep updating. Idk what is happening in your life, but I hope you can find some time to post another one.
6/30/2020 c24 just a guy
Please continue this fic.
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