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10/18 c99 Kalen
I found this story a few months back as I was going through some pretty serious anxiety. Great story, great writing, and a great way to get my mind off of everything that was going wrong in my life. Thank you for this story and I can’t wait to see where the next chapter takes us!
10/18 c99 Mr. Guy Man
10/19 c99 1YoungTrapLord
I need that Spuper Saiyan 2 Gohan ASAP. That intro is going to be glorious.
10/18 c99 MismatchMoogle
Uh oh, Cell’s got the “I’M IMMORTAL!” complex. That’s gonna bite him real hard after a bit. So, Gohan’s volunteering instead of being thrown in, SuperKaioken has officially happened, Goku’s on death’s door, I’m like 60% sure the rest of the Saiyan’s or at least Bardock, Ranch, and Goten are gonna do something stupid after a bit, and tbh, if/when Super Saiyan 2 happens, I’m not sure it’s gonna be the total curb stomp it was before Cell regenerated in canon, and that’s more than ok. Anyway, take your time with getting the next one out.
10/18 c99 asim.rockstar
This is so good please make goku master super kaioken and give vegeta ssj2 aswell when cell trunks and raditz ssj while fighting cell
10/18 c13 SaiyanPrince541
Bardock's damn hilarious. And always awesome seeing Dodoria get his fat lard behind handed to him, totally deserved getting iced by Vegeta.
10/18 c99 NickNays135
This chapter was one of, if not the best Dragon Ball fights I’ve ever read. And I love that you gave Goku all these interesting techniques from grandpa Gohan. The super dragon fist was inspiring! This is definitely your best chapter so far! See ya next time!
10/17 c99 8lolrus555
Wow... wow. I'm sure a LOT of people have been waiting for the ultimate turn-out to Goku's battle with Cell... and you DID NOT DISAPPOINT! BRAVO!

In this timeline, Cell ultimately got the gratification he wanted from Goku during their fight, thanks to Goku taking the situation dead seriously and doing everything in his power to stop him, with it ultimately just barely not being enough. And MAN! You really know how to hype a guy up! It was awesome seeing Gohan boldly step up and challenge Cell with burning resolve and anger. A far cry from just kinda being volunteered.
10/17 c99 1thewittywhy
Once again you prove why you write Dragon Ball better than Toriyama does. Characters don't do stupid things for stupid reasons. Goku not willing to endanger innocents is well within his actual character. Cell is terrifying, straight up.

Lastly, you've made this actually suspenseful. So much weight to the conflict! I love it!
10/17 c99 narutoxasuna25
excellent chapter, certainly the best of all, sincerely I already suspected from the moment that gohan gave goku the techniques that the goku under the sleeve would be the dragon's blow, although it is a pity that goku did not kill him, damn you satan you should have away like that they would have killed cell, I honestly understand that this part is gohan's flash, but I hope you finally make goku rejoin the fight in some way, I am sincerely glad that pizza was killed I hope not revive his character was truly annoying.
10/17 c99 violastrum
... Well done. I didn't think anyone could nail down Cell quite this well, but you did it and with your own flavor. Upped the stakes so much and gave Mr. Satan a wake-up call. Hopefully this gets the man to change his tune, but we shall see. You have a fantastic writing style here and I look forward to seeing how this moves forward.
10/17 c99 EmacSane
Holy Days that was so intense I have no words other than magnificent!
10/17 c99 16Ander Arias
Okay, now that the fight has properly concluded, I can say this: Not only was your version of the Goku vs Cell duel infinitely better and more exciting than the canonical one, but I'd say it's the best fight of the entire fanfic so far. Seriously, Gohan has A LOT to live up to after such an epic fight. Not to mention climatic fights in future arcs as well. Though, the fact that Gohan stepped up to fight Cell on his own instead of Goku telling him to was a much appreciated change.

So, that secret technique Goku was saving as a trump card was the Dragon Fist? Huh, I would have never guessed it. I was expecting to be something original like the Four Virtues (well, your version of them at least). Though man, the fact that Goku failed to finish Cell off because of Mr. Satan, even if it's indirectly... it feels like you're goasing people into hating him even more than they already do.

Watching the endd of the battle, it made me wonder, did Goku plan this? I mean, maybe not to the point of Cell stealing and swallowing the whole bag of senzu beans. But given the exchange with Grandpa Gohan when Goku confessed that he initally was going to do the same thing as in canon but couldn't bring himself to throw Gohan against Cell like that... maybe Goku thought that if Gohan saw Cell beating the crap out of Goku should he fail to beat him would push Gohan to act.

Though, I noticed that Satan referred to Ms. Piiza as his apprentice. I thought she was just his agent?

Anyway, awesome chapter as usual. I'm dying to see Cell's fight against Gohan.
10/17 c99 2Brankinhovich.sama
Breathing technique. Goku uses Hamon confirmed ahah
10/17 c99 1DragonGod926
Gohan wasn't forced to fight, he wanted to fight in your fic. I like that interpretation that if Goku went all out and then Cell started mercilessly beating him close to death that Gohan would step up. Your Gohan has been influenced by his Saiyan family to accept his Saiyan nature. Yes, he can be a scholar but that's not all he can be. Would a motivated Gohan still need Android 16's sacrifice to unlock Super Saiyan 2?
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