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19h c117 MismatchMoogle
Finals are done with, so now I can catch up. Out of all the dragon ball characters you’ve brought back or used early, Piccolo’s human parents are absolutely nowhere on the list of who I’d guess, but I’m down for it. Gohan knowing about them honestly wasn’t surprising all things considered, but is definitely still nice. Vegeta drawing a line on “things even I’m not gonna make fun of”, purely from love of his own mom was nice.

Krillin and 18’s proposal deal was incredibly sweet. The details for the rings and how everyone was trying to support them felt exactly like what they’d do in canon tbh. Glad to know they’re already off to an even better start to their love life than before.

Vegeta willing to apologize for something was one of the greatest examples of his character development in this fic. Especially since it was something he admitted was said purely to try to hurt someone and not just him being him. Getting slightly more insight on even more of the emotional trauma Raditz has in general is helpful. It’s nice to see no one’s giving up on him or hasn’t noticed anytime soon.

And it seems like Bra is officially the child, but let’s see how it happens. The way Vegeta is already noticeably more protective compared to when it was Trunks who Bulma was pregnant with is sweet. Seems no matter what, a daughter absolutely melts him.

Mark and Videl just having a nice moment where they’ve fallen asleep together was a nice little end to the Christmas episode. They might have more stuff to go through after a bit, but for now, they’re just gonna stay safe in each other’s arms.
5/9 c119 9FataliseMH4
I am French, can I republish it in French on Wattpad
5/8 c119 MadMagusMax
Oh boy. Here we go. I hope Turles turns good. We need some more Saiyans with brains.

Also The Majin's are waiting on the horizon. Looming over the cast like a Sword of Damocles. And seeing as we have more characters than in cannon I hope the good guys have an actual challenge.

I also hope in this arc we see Turles turn good and also maybe Turles working to redeem himself can be useful for making a template for Raditz to try and face his problems.

I'm feeling like Bardock's gonna be gone for a long time if that vision's any indication and seeing it's a Saiyan brother rescue mission at the height of Buu's terror but I can't believe it'll be that easy. Can I make a suggestion?

Make this be a mini arc with Bardock getting information on the Majin's forces when looking for his brother and also trying to bring Turles to the good guys side. If Bardock succeeds this could give the good guys an edge on knowing what to expect and Turles brain can be a great asset. Alo during this arc use Bardock's Soldier background to it's logical conclusion.

Also seeing as you take some inspiration from MasakoX can I make a suggestion? Take a look at SmugStick and Saiyan Scholar's what if's.

I recommend that you take a look at What if FUTURE TRUNKS returned in the BUU SAGA?(Full Dragon Ball Z Story) And also What If Bardock's Squad Survived? for ideas.

I also hope that you bring either A, bring back the Supreme Kais Buu killed. Or B, use elements of the fusion arc of the Buu saga to have Goku and Gohan fuse into Gokhan(as was planned)and have Him combine Super Saiyan 3 with the Potential Unleashed Form to kill Buu once and for all.

or C, have the Son Family gain Super Saiyan 4 thanks to Old Kai helping those who are able to. Moving on I'm very intrigued on what Bardock's plans are for Zangya because he obviously has some.

Now here is my praise. We have two to three new characters introduced this chapter? Your imagination and ideas are immense. Because I never know what to expect next chapter, unlike some stories I read. You have a gift.
5/8 c119 2GM10
My eyes got wet for a bit, and that is why I'm enjoying this story still. It's time for family reunion.
5/8 c119 Ikki
Yep that vision confirms what we all fear. The Majins loom ominously on the horizon.

Gine really is the best wife for a guy like Bardock. They really are perfect for each other. Bardock, I hope on your journey to bring back Turles you will find real peace.

Also that segment with the kids. That was adorable.
5/8 c119 KongKing94
Oh boy. Bardock you are having one wild journey. Hopefully you will bring back your family and also set up the path to the rest of his family reaching Super Saiyan 2. We see in that vision that they will need it!

Now moving on to less heavy topics are we going to see some old concepts and more characters from the old Dragon Ball Anime?

Because one of my favorite episodes in the old Dragon Ball Anime is Goku Goes to Demon Land.

Because I would love to see Shula, Melee, and Gola again. Also here is an idea for some of the adventures the kids in the Son Family can have. Maybe you also implement elements of the movie Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle. And Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies,

Maybe you can bring in some elements of Dragon Ball Xenoverse and more from Dragon Ball Heroes and possible Dragon Ball Online. I hope to see some of the Demon God Avatars and also Towa, Mira, and Dabura.

Speaking of Demons I hope that you bring in Janemba. Maybe Janemba can be like the God Father of the demon world. A mob boss who started at the bottom of the hierarchy of power but through hard work he became a beast but he also still wants more power and when the soul cleansing machine malfunctioned he was given it. And this sets the stage for the events of Jenemba's movie for another adventure.

As for Hirudegarn! Go all the way with the Kaiju inspiration. Make it a monster match up. Do what you did with King Cold when the Son Family went to save earth from him.
5/8 c119 Saiyans4ever
So are we going to have a mini arc focusing on Bardock? Because I would love to see that happen! Also who is Tursa?
5/8 c119 God-King Ghidora
Bardock, your journey may help you find your brother, but it may also help you find yourself. And maybe it will help you awaken Super Saiyan 2. But here is what I have to say. Good luck buddy. I hope your journey brings you home one day.

Now I have to ask. Will you make sure the rest of the Son family have some more adventures? Because I would love to see how you bring in Cooler.
5/8 c119 Loki's Tongue
Good luck Bardock. Also Gine has the understanding and compassion of a saint.

Speaking of Bardock's vision I have a question. What are the odds of having Tao and Shen join Babidi and appear in the 25 tournament alongside Spopovich and Yamu?
5/8 c119 Thunder Dragon
Oh Bardock, I hope you find what you are looking for.
5/8 c119 Guest
Is this foreshadowing for Majin Buu?
5/8 c118 1yraj2004
Plus, chi chi could wish back her mom and remove them damn horns, with the Dragon Balls, couldn’t she?
5/8 c118 yraj2004
Well, I, never knowing the name of the Ox-King’ name and chichi’s backstory, was stumped and thought that this was baloney, but as I read, I learnt what it is, chi chi , although her worrying is justified, should remember that aside from being 1/4 demon and 1/4 human, is also 1/2 saiyan, and as we know the future, it is safe to say she will also atleast be a super saiyan, something no earthly assassin , can even touch, let alone harm.
5/8 c119 16Ander Arias
With that title, I already imagined that it would end with Bardock leaving Earth. Though thankfully is because something he needs to do rather than because he doesn't like life on Earth.

I thought that he would have released Zangya before leaving, rather than after. She'd have a much harder time escaping if the rest of the Z-fighters were there to contain her.

I take that Bardock's vision is about the incoming Majin Buu arc?
5/7 c119 11Hamza9236
So, two to three new characters introduced this chapter? Your imagination and ideas are literally ultra giga galaxy sized, because I never know what to expect next chapter, unlike some stories I read.
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