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for Fate: Hammer Time

1h c55 4Tertius711
lol Zeltrech’s reaction was funny as shit
3h c7 2hupedia
Gaia-chan just wants the best for everyone, even if the best involves exterminating your pitiful species for the sakes of everything else.
She's a good girl
4h c55 Felab
Shirou being an aprentice to Zel sounds quite interesting
5/24 c1 Guest
Haizz, you guy really are Impatient people huh.
Just dying vampire.
Why you guy so complaining about Shirou didn't killing him.
9h c55 4KenSanders
Well, that went spectacularly. Despite he was this close to end him despite the warnings. Guess Shirou's Heroic Heart got triggered by the Ancestor's slandering of calling human's as cattle.

Speaking of which, I remembered the Blade Trinity movie where the scene was about the human blood farm that the modern vampires come up for an efficient way of gathering blood without hunting humans at night. If Blade was pissed at the Humans for allowing it, then Shirou would also fried the Humans for managing the said farms for the Vampires. Unlike the Blade Vampires, the Ancestors are still using the old school methods.

Can't blame him; he's still a young Hero. It was his first time facing these Ancestors, as well. Maybe Vlov's sense of Honor must've thrown him off. It is rather unbelievable for Vampires to have such as thing. Now he knows how different this kind of enemy he's facing. The Hammer should give him some tips and advice of how to handle such creatures with strong healing factors. Mjolnir whacked similar monsters in the Marvel verse like always aim for the head(Infinity War).

I'm surprised that the news of 3 Ancestors haven't reached Lorelei yet. We got 2 more chapters for the arc but I can already see her fuming at Shirou for not telling that not 1 but 3 DAA's are in Japan. And she miss it. Compensations gonna be big, i just know it. Can't wait for the next one. Stay safe, mate!
5/23 c55 E
I kind of hope for Arcueid to be a character with continuing presence in the story, but Shirou's harem already has enough gravitational strength to fuse helium and I wouldn't want my boy Shiki to lose out on his own possibilities. I'm more interested in Lorelei anyways, as that's a rare pairing.

I await more as always.
5/23 c55 Guest
Oh boy, this is real exciting
5/23 c55 Thunder Dragon
First thing I want to say before the criticism is that Shirou Emiya saved lives and on that front we have a Good night all around. Love the chapter and all the action. I'll be looking forward how it would continue.

However here is the criticism for the chapter. Shirou made a massive mistake. He broke orders.

Nasu forbade Shirou from killing Vlov and what does he do? He tries to kill Vlov and what’s worse he fails and gives his enemies informations in process.
5/23 c55 Guest
Definitely your weakest chapter. What's the point in a chapter long fight that results in one of the combatants escaping via plot armor? It completely ruined the fight.
5/25 c55 13fg7dragon
Heh, I can just imagine Shirou and Arcueid having an intimate moment after Roa's death... and then Zelretch pops in, originally intent on speaking with Shirou regarding the Sorcerer thing... and promptly switching to demanding what his intentions towards his granddaughter were.
5/25 c55 1tf330129
Keep it up :)
5/23 c1 Guest
To ypho Dias.
Say whatever you want, but i don't let you insult Joker like that.
5/23 c1 Guest
To Cookie Sharter.
Calm down dude, why are you so hurry to want vlov to die, next chapter he will die along with the spider queen, killing two vampire with one hammer, or not.
5/23 c55 Guest
Amazing as usual, and you sell yourself short, your battle scenes always turn out pretty well.
5/25 c55 ramul
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