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for Fate: Hammer Time

1/16 c8 barbatos009
Stan Lee father of heroes may he Rest In Peace

1/15 c6 JustDusty
You're really going all out wiyh the superhero thing, you're just forgetting that Thor is actually a god, not a superhero, and he did not use his powers to look for random thugs to beat up, beause someone with DIVINE powers obviously has more to worry about than being a goddamned naive superhero.
1/14 c4 RiVKyske
Wow, rarely have i seen a fourth wall-breaking that seamlessly blends into the chapter's narrative. To be honest, before the reveal i was already suspecting it yet it was still a joy to read. I can accept this type of info-dump, as it was a nice surprise to read. Hopefully you won't use this method too much in the coming chapters, as info-dumps have always bore me. It's nice that only now has Shirou got the hammer, instead of when he was a kid. I had been thinking it was inside him like Avalon all this time, glad that wasn't true. Cuz a weapon as awesome as Mjolnir deserves a badass intro when it meets the wielder.
1/13 c23 stylo1
a good example is actually the netflix series 'narcos' where the DEA seems convinced that the problem is colombia with the drugs an corruption while ignoring that no one is putting a gun to the head of ppl to buy said drugs. the DEA by going to colombia and 'fighting' the war on drugs is actually responsible for massively escalating the situation turning it into a full blown war.
all for the selfrightious justification that drugs are bad and mess with the US
1/13 c23 stylo1
well you perfecrly laid out why a 'hero' wouldnt work, you cannot create a perfect world by fighting crime. even the police isnt out there to fight crime but only to discourage it. the problem is poverty, the amount of ppl that choose crime because it seemed like a good idea is very small.

he is fighting the system, not fixing it, which he cannot as he isnt part of it. truly nasuverse and shirou's hero complex is a ridiculous naive world and even plain stupid. shirou becoming a counter guardian is his just deserve and imo outright humorous
1/6 c1 Kulkukan-chan
Hey yo will Shirou get the looks of herald of thunder Thor? That form of Thor is the best and very cool looking
1/6 c23 FGOrider23
Hey buddy. Am I the only one that gets update notifications around here?
1/5 c23 Guest
Господи, как же я блять ненавижу такие затянутые экспозиции. Это не роман или оригинальная история, так зачем писать 300000 слов и так и не дойти до событий канона?
Нет, я в восторге от истории, по крайне мере до того момента пока не стало ясно, что даже в 23 главе ничего не начинается.
Я почти уверен, что многие ждут именно Войны, а не вот это вот все.

Сама история интересная, пусть и бесполезная.
1/2 c1 Kodax
To user Adragonoid75: are you a fucking idiot? violating human rights and dealing drugs are very different things. Also wanting a story to represent villains as more than 1 dimensional stereotypes is a very valid complaint that has no baring on Noneofit's mental state. Mind your own fucking business.
1/1 c14 1Adragonoid75
To user Noneofit: I am a psychological advisor and I can't help but read your comments. And frankly speaking, your way of viewing the grim reality we live in actually sicken me. Yes, the criminals also have family. Yes, the mc hypnotize people to betray their friends. But tell me, does that justify them selling drugs and hurting people? People who also have their own family? And tell me? While the mc hypnotize people, he did that because he detest killings and you also have to remember just WHO he hypnotized.
And lastly, did you seriously complain about overpowered mc in a fic where he inherited Thor's power? If you actually think that is overpowered, you clearly don't know anything about Marvel Universe, let alone Thor's mythology.
12/30/2020 c23 XaeroXD
guys, did you banned me on your discord? I can't get back. if so, why?
12/30/2020 c14 2Snazzy Snake
Assault and Battery with mentions of Madcap? You spoil us. Makes me wonder if Oni was short for Oni Lee.
12/25/2020 c17 Noneofit
12/25/2020 c16 Noneofit
Wow he even hypnotizes the mayor.

This is the most OOC Shinji I’ve read in a while.

Sadly the issue is clearly that you have a warped moral compass and can’t right Shinji.
12/25/2020 c15 Noneofit
Ugh pocket dimensions? Expanding hypnosis even more when you already abuse the shit out of it?

Where are you going to find room for actual genuine conflict? Is he just going to curbstomp everything? This is getting far too much into masturbatory power fantasy territory.
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