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for Fate: Hammer Time

This story it's incredible
3/22 c46 11Gabriel Herrol
Don't forget to let Illya, Sella and Leysritt ouf of the Vault. :)
3/19 c37 spartenpride11
is that a rangers apprentice refrence I spot in this chapter with Will,Halt and Horace?
3/18 c46 spartenpride11
man I kinda thought this would be pretty mid cuz im kinda indifferent to marvel but I really enjoy this and loving the harem growing im hoping for luvia(really seems like shes going to join with that lion bit) and artoria to join as well and lorrieli is really growing on me in this fic but in the end its not my story still gonna read it no matter what tho
3/18 c46 15Leaf Ranger
Poor Rin. Not realizing Shirou was everything she wanted and more. But now she knows. Yay!

And those Executor's are morons. Here's hoping that if problems arise, they're not enough to start another crusade or something.

The goobyes were nice. But poor Shirou, not realizing that Lady Bart (because I'm too lazy to go find the full name for correct spelling) wants that contact information too. XD

And I feel you, Shirou, about those plane rides. Growing up with a military dad, had to fly around quite a bit. Not fun, not fun at all. especially since now I'm terrified of flying thanks to watching a bunch of Air Disasters.

And soon Illya will get to see her big brother's gilfriends. And opefully get a more organic body that won't fail or force her to become a Grail.

So, I wonder what will happen when we do get to the Grail War? I mean i get that Archer isn't necessarily this Shirou, and is just A Shirou, but still, I'm wondering if anything will be different regarding him if rin still ends up summoning him? This one fanfic I read, she ended up summoning Chloe instead. The archer that's basically the Emiya of Illya, if I remember correctly? That was funny.

But there's also potenital danger. Kirei and Gil are still out there.

Anyways, till next chapter!
3/17 c46 pietrodeglie
I definitely loved the story so far, and Lorelei ...i adore her.
I hope you update soon.
3/16 c46 1Randomguy0110100100110
Ayako's harem has grown a bit (oh, you didn't see how she's manipulating things behind the scenes? Sorry guys, but that brunette has the other three dancing in the palm of her hand).

Can't tell if you're joking or not
3/15 c4 spartenpride11
im hoping ill still see shirou using his UBW and all his cool ass swords cuz im a sword man swords are cool as hell
3/15 c46 Guest
Shirou just got quite the generous gift. Man that sword is going to come in handy.
3/14 c46 Guest
I love your character building, and that scene with Rins Epiphany is always looking for the new chapters.
3/13 c46 Thunder Dragon
Shirou is already turning into Thor and he is still growing and growing a beard. And Ayako may think other wise but it is Shirou’s harem. He has the Nasuverse charm and the Thor rugged good looks.

Now So when is going to get Nasuverse Thor and Odin’s powers and weapons to complete the set and truly be the heir to the Throne of Asgard.

Also please mere the two Mjolnir Hammers. That would be awesome!
3/14 c46 TKstein
Hey Ted,

Awesome chapter as always. I really do hope you include Lorelei in the polyamorous relationship sooner or later though, as having her and Bazett involved in the Grail war would certainly make it much more interesting!
Can you imagine a showdown between Lorelei and Caster!?
3/14 c46 ramul
3/14 c46 qeadwrsf
Hi, will you be including fate:grand order as well? I wonder how they would react to Shirou's Fujimaru :D
3/13 c46 4Eltyr
Oh my, that's a handsome reward Lady Barthlemoi gave Shirou indeed. A fine addition to his Blade Works. The 'Waver is debt free' scene was quite satisfying, and Rin has FINALLY owned up to her feelings. I look forward to the start of the mini Fuyuki arc
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