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for Something's Got to Give

12/18/2018 c1 11TCONilhilm
This story was great! The fall, rise, everything! Everyone felt in character and I honestly adored how Dark Pit was the one to really start snapping Pit out of it. I love this!
11/5/2018 c1 11Infinite's Ruby
I'll say this story was an absolute joy to read, especially since this is a dark take on how the events of Uprising and seeing everyone in character the bond between Pit and Plautena is heartwarming to see.

This is a very great read which I'll happily go back and reread. Great job!
10/6/2018 c1 YoshiDB
This was a pretty dark take on Pit's thoughts and actions after the events of Uprising, but you made it into a very great read! I wish other KI fans could read this. Not many new and brilliant KI stories have been created in a long time.
10/1/2018 c1 Guest
This is a masterpiece. Words can't describe my joy for the in-characterness and storywriting. Thank you

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