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for The Golden Gore

9/27/2020 c5 Scurra71900
Thanks for the chapter!
Now to go take a VERY cold shower.
10/13/2019 c4 Furret
Will there ever be more to this?! I love it so much!
9/12/2019 c4 Scurra71900
Thanks for the chapter!
2/19/2019 c4 Obs3rv4nt-Onl00k3r
Most interesting insights!
I wait exuberantly for more!
2/19/2019 c4 17sky
well that was a constant roller coaster of a chapter. definitely on the lookout for the next. no idea how it'll turn out.
12/4/2018 c3 TheBestLikeNoOneEverWas
Fantastic job so far. I look forward to the next chapter
9/30/2018 c1 7sky
Hmm, interesting enough. I look forward to how this turns out.

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