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for The Worst Prisoner: The illusion of separation (Book 2)

8/7 c18 MotFiK
Великолепная историЯ
11/5/2021 c18 Seward907
Wow congratulations on your future baby! That is so exciting :) I've been a long time reader of your fics. They make me laugh out loud and think about how things could have gone differently. Thank you for your stories :)
5/14/2021 c18 Reader
This is good writing.
4/4/2021 c4 Zk india
Yes, aang and kyoshi friendship!
10/29/2020 c14 23Alyce and Indi
Cooking together! See, that is Zutara beauty! In most Zutara fics I've read, he helps her with chores. Aang? Notsomuch. Cooking together could be a metaphor for their relationship! (Except I'm probably reading too much into a throwaway sentence.)

This was supposed to be ch12's review, but evidently I've already reviewed it:

Sugar and spice and everything nice. That's what little Zutara babies are made of.
Sorry, it popped into my head when Toph said Aang could "stop watching Sugar and Spice like a jealous creeper." Nah, scratch that, I'm not sorry. Okay, only a little bit.

Also: Aang, sweetie, girls aren't machines. If a girl doesn't want you, well, maybe it's because you don't help out enough, but also maybe it's because of that "if I help her she'll want me" attitude. You can try to show her how much you care, try to show her that you'd like her to date you, but in the end you have to accept that it's her choice. Zuko did that. Probably subconsciously. But still. I know you weren't raised in a great environment for learning about things like dating, but now that you're not living with the Air Nomads anymore, you need to learn.

(Why is he so attached to Katara with the Air Nomads' thing against material possessions? Katara is material, and Aang seems to think of her as a possession sometimes? Am I the only one wondering this?)
10/26/2020 c18 29greylingwing
wow! what an incredible story! I loved all the soft Zutara moments and character insights especially, but I was also surprised to be really engaged with all the strategy stuff too. something I liked a lot about ATLA that comes through especially well in your fics is the lack of hard lines between "good guy country" and "bad guy country." every nation has a dark side and bright spots both, and I enjoy how you highlight them. excited to read the next installment!
10/25/2020 c5 23Alyce and Indi
Almost everyone *is* stupid compared to s2 Azula. Not just Zuko.
10/25/2020 c4 Alyce and Indi
TOPHTOPHTOPHTOPHTOPHTOPHTOPH! have a point. Everyone's so hard on Aang about not killing Ozai, but what about Roku not dealing with Sozin? Though depending on when Sozin became a father, that could have led to no Zuko.
8/8/2020 c17 24Eva Dreaming
Nooo what do you mean consequences?! I hate Aang I’m this story he’s honestly being such a dick and if Zuko sacrificed his bending or anything for Aang I’m going to be so upset! Zuko ALWAYS gets the short end of the stick
8/7/2020 c5 4Eva Dreaming
Great chapter! I was kind of excited to read about toph and Katara’s fight. I though Katara was going to blood bend she was so angry and wan the r to see how everyone would react
6/30/2020 c18 6H.E.Larkin
So, I’ve been reading your fanfics since I first discovered the Stalking series in 2014 or so, when I was first getting into both atla and fanfiction. Though my reading of fanfiction has declined over the past six years in the general sense, I still somehow always find myself reading or rereading your fics every summer— it’s just a habit of mine. I must’ve read the entirety of Not Stalking Zuko (all 50 chapters) at least four times at this point. Which I know sounds crazy, but I honestly think is completely justified because that fic is profound and hilarious and the written equivalent of comfort food to me.
And, in that fics authors notes, you would sometimes include snippets of the real-world experiences that you’ve had that inspired the story. Some of the details have stuck with me over the years— between a pirate costume that left you with feathers stuck in your hair, to what you know about teaching young children, to your various travels that meant brief breaks from the stories. And, in the midst of all of that, I felt like I had at least a tentative understanding of the journey of you, a writers whose every word I had been hanging onto for so many years.
And now you’re having a baby.
Which is just completely mind-boggling to me.
I’m trying to keep this from getting weird. This isn’t supposed to be a delve into the few things I know about you from these fics. What I’m meaning to say is that your stories are ones that I’ve held onto for the great bulk of my adolescent years and it was just that little detail that made me realize just how much of an epoch that was.
5/26/2020 c1 KuroUsagid
Awwww that day dream about the Cherry blossom was so cute, Zuko, my boy, why are you so adorable? I'll die if we can read that happening in the fic, in my imagination, maybe, it'll be after Southern Raiders to somehow make her feel better or after the war for some super romantic date.
5/11/2020 c4 KuroUsagid
When Zuko's voice is unnatural hight pitched, it always reminds me of Flynn from Tangled ans is so hilarious! I don't know why I think oh him, but I can't avoid it. Although it was more strong in the previous book when she told him he she bloodbended his blood and he freaks out like Flynn. Is so funny. I love it.
5/2/2020 c18 5Igornerd
Between a hard place and brainwashing, you pick the hard place.
4/12/2020 c11 Anagennisi
Hahahahahahaha! I love this story! I never would have thought of tying in the Pentapi and getting Zuko sick from Jet... but it WORKS! Hahaha! Jet is the absolute worst person in this story behind Ozai! Even AZULA is a better person than Jet is! Hahaha.
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