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for Tales of Naruto Emiya

3/31 c6 Guest
...Let's destroy Zouken once and for all
9/22/2021 c1 Dasgun

2/20/2021 c6 pilitaangomas
No Seguirás con la Historia esta muy buena
3/25/2020 c6 2B x 9S
please continou the story soon it was a good story
1/29/2020 c1 8Tears-Of-A-Marionette
I really like this story so far. I hope you update soon, I would like to see where this story will go.
1/22/2020 c1 kage88
good start
1/20/2020 c6 Shadic21
Good chapter, I want to see the next part.
1/17/2020 c6 Guest
welp i guess zouken is about to offend the ...
1/19/2020 c1 Mr.Heller
Was watching Life of Boris before reading this, all the grammar mistakes and Slavic accent narrative in my head, made this much more fun than it's supposed to be.
1/17/2020 c6 Shifter
Great story continue as soon as possible please
1/18/2020 c6 Stratos263
Hope zouken suffers a horrible death
1/18/2020 c6 1Samin01
more please!
1/17/2020 c6 wrightdylen21
Thank you for updating this story
1/17/2020 c6 Hideyoshi Fujiyoshi
Just the whole story and it was great but the wording and pace of every scene needs more improvement.
1/17/2020 c2 ErrorDataExpunged
I like the concept but you really need to proof read your work man.
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