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10/1/2018 c1 17DS2010
Italian Gigolo Furniture Mover Strikes again...
I loved that episode where Tony took care of the dogs and Mrs. Mallard and nearly lost it
10/1/2018 c1 AmyV24
I remember that episode vividly. I am trying to picture Ziva putting up with the request to see her knickers that Kate did.

Will Mother like Ziva for her accent, or hate her because of it? Will she treat Ziva like a maid or a princess?

Oooh, will Abby come over to console one of the team and get an earful from Mother, or will she be enamored by Abby's sweet ways again.

This could be really fun! looking forward to the next few chapters
9/30/2018 c1 Guest
Nice start!
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