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1/21/2021 c1 Trsmuted
I don't think Kaleidoscope could possibly go to another world, it is literally said to be 'Operation Of PARALLEL World', not ANOTHER World. It wouldn't work, and DC cosmology is larger than Nasuverse so it'll create imbalance.
Call me elite or whatever shit you want to call me, 'cuz this is just fact.
8/23/2020 c3 2SWORDSAGEOFWAR
could you please put in quotation for botb sides of the dialogue for example "I like swords" when on both sides it helps the reader keep track of the dialogue, thank you.
1/18/2019 c5 10ultima-owner
Cu died in a badass way
12/1/2018 c1 The Perfect Getaway
I'm so proud that you were able to write this story despite your extreme case of retardation.

You provide hope for those who suffer from mental illness.
12/1/2018 c4 13dots
Please check the grammar and the structure for this chapter please...
Got lost at least twice while trying to differentiate the dialogue from the rest of the story...
My only request is that you re-upload it after a spelling check and a ponctuation check.
Other than that, nice plot...
12/1/2018 c4 flitterflux
Is something wrong with your quotation mark key, or is the one quotation mark at the end of dialogue a stylistic choice? Either way, it's annoying and confusing. I can't tell when a character starts talking or if something is just narration. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE" don't do that, do this "THIS IS AN EXAMPLE".
10/26/2018 c3 8Merlin Pranks101
Yeah, I got the PM, just send the next chapter and I'll do my best! Good chapter
10/15/2018 c1 2FerunaLutelou
Ugh... fuck that.
10/15/2018 c3 13dots
Please grammar and spell check this and past chapters
10/12/2018 c1 8Merlin Pranks101
I always like helping a fellow writer. And writing on a phone is painful most of the time, I would know. I would love to see Berserker Beowulf. Just saying, totally not biased because he was my first berserker or anything. I don't really mind Siegfried or Mordred but I would prefer Siegfried. Aaaaand, I don't usually do this but I wouldn't mind beta-reading for you. You seem to have a good idea and I want to help out for once. I'm not usually into the beta-reading, but maybe it'll help out my writer's block. Anyway, PM me if you want me to beta-read.
10/11/2018 c1 Midnight49
Oh so this is post Apocrypha nice I like her white hair.
10/11/2018 c2 Midnight49
Saber I think even though I like both of the chooses... i’m going to have to go with my boy Siegfried. Because let’s be honest Mordred and Atanlata are going to argue most of the time because Mordred might try to start something. Yeah Siegfried is kinda boring but he’s trying to at least live for himself because he wants to now and not because of some else’s choice.

Why not Beowulf or Nightingale? I mean we never see these 2 berserkers in fanfictions. Last time I checked they both fight bare handed (Beowulf does when he uses his NP inside FGO). So I can’t wait for the next chapter.
10/11/2018 c2 1ggboyking
10/11/2018 c2 Shadowry
Mordered all the way, more personality and for Berserker maybe Lancelot
10/4/2018 c1 8Merlin Pranks101
I really like this idea, but, I don't know if this is your first fic or not, you have the same problem I had. You don't seperate the paragraphs enough which turns the whole thing into a giant wall of text. You should start another paragraph maybe every...3 sentences and whenever, if there is dialogue, who is talking changes. Might I also suggest using Grammarly, it is extremely helpful in terms of grammar and has helped me a lot, and it's free. Except if you want the full thing, but even then it is still incredible. Anyway, pretty good start (Atalanta Alter and Cu Chulainn! You are the best!) I'll follow, but if you manage to get your formating better I'll fav. Good luck, and remember the most important part in writing is to have fun and let your mind run wild!
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