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for Harry Potter and the Pranking of the Multiverse

9/18 c1 17M2J MandalorianJedi
Well... Harry got Dumbledore's name phonetically right... I'm greatly looking forward to the rest of this fic.
9/9 c6 AvidReader2425
Another funny
9/9 c4 AvidReader2425
Definitely funny
9/9 c2 AvidReader2425
Another amazing if a little confusing chapter LOL
9/9 c1 AvidReader2425
Definitely an amusing first chapter
9/4 c19 RalfPaul
Harry Potter, The Lone Marauder.
8/11 c5 23Abyssal Angel
*sigh* And it was going so well too. Everything was plausible up until this point. I could buy Harry having heard of Scooby Doo, but Portal? No, that doesn't fly. Sorry. *waves goodbye*
8/6 c2 NobodyOwens5
I am so confused yet so amused ar the same time... Thisbis gold!
8/4 c2 Concolor44
Your stories are filled with True Joy.
You help make my day a happy one.
Thank you. So much.
7/30 c2 Guest
The greatest parody-fic ever made. Thank you.
7/30 c15 BaddieDZ2
7/29 c2 BaddieDZ2
I'm favoriting this story just because of the deflating bit at the end lmao
7/21 c18 13Anhkmorpork
The ability to decide whether or not someone has superpowers has to be a superpower. All registered voters help decide who is in the government. All voters are superheroes.
7/15 c1 Scarecrow94
7/11 c19 PurpleArrowhead
that was a completely unnecessary end line. I have nightmares
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