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12/8/2021 c21 12Parkerbear
So...there I was, innocently chatting in the SB discord...when some of the fic authors suggested this story to me (if you must know, it was snoo and claraowl, mostly, and we were talking about snoo's Rens and how awesome Snoo Rens are). Someone mentioned 'fry scarf Ren' and I was like "wait, what is Fry Scarf Ren?" and then they were like "HERE IS THE LINK!" I saw it was longish and saved it for a bit of downtime and now that I have completely binged upon it, I have to say that it was AMAZING and I am COMPLETELY destroyed by its awesomeness and I am having trouble quitting your universe. SO many feels. I can't function from the story hangover I'm having. I'm relatively new to the fandom, having only discovered SB later this year, so I'm really glad to have finally found my way here to this fic. Thank you so much for giving this to the world. I may or may not be able to sleep tonight while I process this absolute legend of a fic.
10/9/2021 c21 Laurachan03
It’s sooooo gooood thank you for all the story and thank you midori144 this bonus is AMAZING.
10/8/2021 c10 Laurachan03
I just CANT. This plot is amazing, I would love it as a drama or movie something. Waa
5/19/2021 c21 27Jhiz
Thank you so much for sharing this bit of whimsy. I thoroughly enjoyed your language skills as well as your plotting.
5/19/2021 c19 Jhiz
Hmm... so does this mean he is back to having dark hair and eyes suddenly? Is he back to being the head of the area coven or is Yashiro still in charge and they all just remember a schism in the timeline?
5/19/2021 c15 Jhiz
Glad that they got their date... too bad it didn’t end with washing dishes so Kuon could get that dream memory shock.

Oh... and have no fear of ending fandoms. There are many that one would think were dead for years (like Inuyasha and Buffy) that are still alive and kicking. There are always chances to change stuff and twist things even long after they are set in stone. Some of those are the most fun too.
5/19/2021 c12 Jhiz
Love how Lory-like a grown up Maria is in your mind.
5/18/2021 c9 Jhiz
Oh my goodness that was an awesome twist that I loved. Makes me sad and wonder if Kuon will be involved because of this but oh well... at least Maria remembers. hope she can help.
5/18/2021 c7 Jhiz
Ah... it didn’t work for her but I am guessing it worked for him. You did a great job conveying the sorrow of the moment when Ren gives into his promise.
5/18/2021 c6 Jhiz
I never knew there were games one could play with a Tarot deck. Will need to look into that concept. I enjoyed your pun-dom.
5/18/2021 c4 Jhiz
Sleepy Ren reminds me of Needy Cain. Adorable.
5/18/2021 c3 Jhiz
Hmm... is Lory still alive in this world? If so, I would totally contact him for assistance. His spell... his solution? Great image of Ren sitting with his head on his hand while thinking about Kyoko. Spell or not, he had to have had that grudge scorching smile in place.
5/18/2021 c2 Jhiz
Hmm... so if the spell effects double every time he has a moment without distraction, is he facing exponential increases across time? If so... ouch. Wonder how long you will allow him to resist. Love the interaction between Yashiro and Kanae. Cute and so fitting for their normal personalities.
5/18/2021 c1 Jhiz
Ack... I read the one shot and then realized you have this extended one which I wasn’t planning to read since I tend to avoid alt/real stories. I actually was so impressed with your initial chapter writing that I forwent my common bias to try this tale. I hope it keeps me as impressed. I will admit that I had to look up the flower meanings in order to ge the full effect of the bouquet. Thanks for the expansion.
5/13/2021 c1 3filly8
I'm not one for AUs typically but this was a lot of fun! and your writing style is smooth and easy to readi look forward to seeing if you have other fics!
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