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11/26 c19 Caza
Well written :)
11/25 c19 2mwinter1
Awaiting more
11/25 c19 494yellow 14
Update at YOUR convenience, not theirs. It’s your writing and I think that you would rather do it well than mess it up rushing it.

Most interesting. Keep updating
11/25 c19 Pteaset
So good
11/25 c19 23Rori Potter
Oh my! Woah! Update soon.
11/20 c18 494yellow 14
Draco losing his hair made me grin. Keep updating
11/19 c18 Guest
I think part of the problem I have with your story is that it is so long between updates that everytime I get a new chapter I need to reread much of the story again to not get confused with all the similer yarn out there. You need to remember that there are just a limited number or ways "Harry in Slytherin can really go. Your good writing style doesn't change this dynamic. What might work is better and more frequent updates.
11/19 c5 Guest
What writers tend to miss when they tackle a character like Snape is that his obsession with and devotion to the memory of Lilly Evans WAS NOT LOVE. His attention to her both before and after her death (in cannon at least) was about a 180 degree divergence from real love. Possessiveness is not love. Controlling is not a characteristic of love. Isolation is not a part of love. Failure to compromise does not describe a loving relationship. Refusal to except assistance when you are in trouble runs counter to true love. No, characters real or imaginary in a fictional novel who exhibit these may think they love someone but they are badly mistaken. JKR's Snape lands squarely in the middle of everyone of them. Then he nails the door shut by fixating on ?his? loss for the next 17 years. To me it's absurd to equate that with love. If love is anything, it is definitely unselfish. Love ALWAYS makes room for others. He may have had regrets especially after he discovered who Tom chose to target, but he intentionally with malice and forethought set someone up as a target for murder to get in Tom's good book. In western society he is guilty as an accomplice to murder in the first degree. His attempt to fix the problem HE created fell woefully short and insufficient. They might work to reduce his exposure but would not expunge his liability. JKR may set him up as a spy for Dumbledore, but his base character to my way of thinking never changed. The war time chaos ended. Despite what Dumbledore believed he had no justification to behave in a school situation with children the way he did.
11/18 c1 Pteaset
Love it
11/18 c18 23Rori Potter
Wow. Update soon.
11/18 c18 2mwinter1
Awaiting more
11/18 c18 30Sparky She-Demon
Good chapter!
11/17 c1 blakeycakey92
Too much angst
11/11 c17 Raymondjay41
Interesting storyline so far , you’ve built each character well giving them depth. Keep it up
11/11 c16 Cassandra30
Malfoy tends to be whiny and spoiled. You do him well.
I like Harry thinking to look after Neville. Any chance of him getting the correct wand early? Maybe Harry and Neville can get some help with the abuse they suffer from.
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