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8/12 c27 Schnuff
A blinding bolt of realization rocketed through him...this story is DEAD!
3/15 c27 14Love Faith Embers
Great chapter! I can't wait to see how this plays out now. Hermione's poor parents. I hope that they were told about her death, and not just ignored by Dumbledore.
3/10 c4 Archleone
Thus far, this story is pretty underwhelming. It's a non-stop stream of whining, made worse by the fact that you don't actually seem to release /chapters/. You post a single scene, or a few small scenes, and call that a chapter. That's pretty bad. This is the fourth "chapter", and we're still not done the first evening of the first night of the story.

Also, there sure is a lot of piling on Harry. It's pretty obnoxious. He also seems very spineless, despite there being at least 2-3 instances of him allegedly having a change of heart to be more confidant and face his future head on. He immediately abandons that the moment someone frowns at him and goes back to being a passive wimp.

I notice that this story has been around for over two years and there isn't a whole lot to it either, which isn't the best sign.
2/22 c27 4lizyeh2000
Love your story now following! . Please update soon!
2/22 c27 520yellow 14

1: The nature of the PS and the fact that it doesn’t almost stolen from Gringrotts would certainly come under them knowing. It’s not credible that they don’t. Sorry

2: I doubt that he used the troll from his protection. He would have to get past Fluffy and several other traps. (Which we know that he hadn’t been able to.) and risk his cover (it would have been very difficult avoid detection.) when he could almost certainly have obtained one from the nearby area (the fact that the Troll wasn’t a surprise indicates this.)

3: Harry’s not interested in getting into the third floor until he thinks that Snape is after the stone and needs to be stopped.

Sorry, but definitely needs more attention to details. Keep updating
2/22 c11 Guest
So a barely 11 year old Harry managed to punch out s 16/17 year old?
That’s ridiculous.
2/1 c26 Slytherin Potter
One step at a time for Harry. He is definitely going to come into his own with time. The evil grin for more plots to incompetent adults will continue strive for this Potter in your universe cannot wait especially when the Aurors and the Minister find out what Albus has been hiding which led to the death of Hermione. Because if the Philosopher Stone wasn’t here there wouldn’t be any incentive to releasing a troll.
2/1 c26 yellow 14
I would have thought that they would already know about the third floor.

Also, the die a painful death sentence really isn’t that bad. (It might be a cultural issue, but it’s about on par for most Brits.)

Still, very touching. Keep updating
2/1 c26 bunnyxstar
Hehehe great chapter!
2/1 c26 SamonIllmantrim
Very nice!
1/27 c25 12mackiechandler
I wish yours continued this wonderful story
1/25 c25 ALLHEAVEN2
fucking put the old man in his place!
1/23 c25 6Asmodeus Stahl
I really enjoy how you decided to make Ron feel remorseful for his actions on Samhain (Halloween). It’s not something I’ve seen many (or any, really) authors do. As the reviewer you highlighted said, Ron has his flaws, but he’s not a demon. I think you did a good job of showing that with how Ron acted. Keep up the great work!
1/22 c25 520yellow 14
That doesn’t bode well for Dumbledore at all. Keep updating
1/22 c25 3fantasystar78
Ron is realizing that his actions have consequences. It’s a tragedy, but there you go. One small event can lead to others. It was good to see Neville’s point of view.
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