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4/3 c23 Hardhat126
My condolences on the loss of your mother. Your story so far is wonderful. I do hope you find the time to finish it out with another chapter. Thank you.
7/17/2021 c23 16FanofTrueLove
This was so heartwarming and sweet for the vast majority when it came to their relationship! At first I was afraid they were moving too quickly and we couldn’t savor it but it worked out well and I loved it! Really hope you keep writing and keep going with this!
6/1/2021 c23 Codename dx
Man this chapter played with my emotions good job author can't wait for you to update
12/18/2020 c23 102ScottyBgood
Jade's father has shown us the kind of carnage a so called good man can cause when the appearance of being good is more important then actually being good. Now that Tori's awake they can start the long road of healing, getting where they will be, as there is no going back, just forward. I see great things for our girls, once they get the help they need and start to find themselves again.
12/17/2020 c23 138Lushcoltrane
While things are looking good for the gals & their families, I'm sure Jade will have some further issues with guilt and anger while Tori will undoubtedly have some type of PTSD to deal with.
12/16/2020 c23 DeathCrawler
first of all sorry for your loss and take all the time you need and great chapter look forward the next one
12/15/2020 c23 141Invader Johnny
Sorry to hear what happened to your mom, hope everything eventually heals for you and your family.

Gotta say this chapter was well done, I liked how we got to see things from Jade's perspective, she still has some issues to deal with but at the very least Tori us now awake and they can look forward to their future together now that Mr. West is out of the picture for good.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
12/15/2020 c23 29Boris Yeltsin
Glad you're back. Sorry to hear about your mother. Great update. Poor Jade.
6/16/2020 c22 Shadowgreydarkray
I cant wait for the next chapter, this story has been amazing so far.
5/5/2020 c22 Codename dx
please update
5/4/2020 c22 138Lushcoltrane
Good, glad this wasn't drug out. I wanted to see West get what's coming to him and nothing to affect Jade & Tori's relationship. Jake will have a new best friend too.
5/4/2020 c21 Lushcoltrane
well, this is a twist. Figured Jade getting her father involved was bad but not this.
5/3/2020 c22 29Boris Yeltsin
Love it. Wow, Jade's dad's crazy.
5/3/2020 c22 102ScottyBgood
Mister West is about to discover just what California law says about kidnapping and harming someone. But to him, the real damage is gonna be to his reputation. Meanwhile, Tori needs to recover, cause I'm thinking there's gonna be a list of people she needs to help identify. It'll be better than having Jade go after them. Carolyn can even buy some good will by handing over the others. She'd be the one with the deal, after all. Police show 101.
5/2/2020 c22 141Invader Johnny
Hooray Tori is rescued bit they're not out of the woods just yet.

Now I hope Mr. West rots in prison and if there's any Justice in the world, he should be in one where Sam's family members are they give him the eye for an eye treatment.

He indeed should live the rest of his life helpless and in fear, just how he treated Tori, THAT would be poetic Justice.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
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