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8/31/2021 c8 CarnelianWing
What a fantastic finale to this story! I apologize for taking quite a while to get around to reading it, but I agree that the wait was definitely worth it.

After all the trauma she'd gone through, Pidge got to have a moment of reprieve and comfort, surrounded by all her friends, even as the dire situation was still pushing in around them. When the Paladins were fighting off the guards and it looked like the Galra were actually going to win, I was feeling super anxious and worried! I was SO relieved when Green actually came for them; it was a moment of both victory and hope for the future.

It was hard seeing Pidge struggle to connect with Green again, on top of all the guilt she felt about everything. But despite all that affected her, I was so glad when she and Green both pulled through and rekindled that connection after Pidge took some time to recover. Her friends helped a lot, of course, and I'm glad they got to have some much-needed therapy as well.

I'm so happy that I got to read this story all the way through to the end. It was an enjoyable experience, and after all the angst and trauma, the Paladins still got their happy ending through it all. Thanks for letting me know where you're mainly posting fanfiction now, I'll be sure to check it out and see what other great stories you've written! Congratulations on finally finishing this, I hope you've given yourself a pat on the back for never giving up on this story. That's very admirable! I wish you the very best of luck with all your future projects!
8/1/2021 c6 ai 3
heyhey i LOVE that story and i cant wait for any potential updates. you said you never abandon a fic so ill be looking forward to hearing from this one, i love your style and the plot of it, your mind supremacy me thinks,, but fr tho the story is great and i am so excited to see it all go down 3
1/30/2021 c6 12WritersInATrenchCoat
Can't wait to see where this goes!
7/4/2020 c6 Guest
Awesome story! I really hope we get to see what was happening in the other room.

Keep writing!
6/17/2020 c6 5child of dionysus

also goodluck with college
6/16/2020 c6 38Yami-chan and Unrealistic
ahhhhhh! I LOVE THE VILLAIN REVEAL. The rambling was PERFECT and its so horrific for Pidge the scientist to be on the receiving end of a science experiment. The entire thing, from the dude being in her face when she wakes, to the half explanation of what the serum is (blocking their connection to the Lions! no wonder the Galra are working with him! If this succeeds then no more Voltron! Or at the very least new Paladins must be found - Galra ones I'm sure are preferable). Oh my absolute favorite part is when he's looking for the spot and just hovers that hot metal tip over various parts of her body and just continues to casually talk as Pidge endures the heat. IT IS GENIUS. The collarbone is an excellent choice. Able to cover up easily with most clothing but easy enough to design clothes to show it off. what a great cliffhanger with the threat over all the Paladins! And Pidge tries so hard to get to Green! Everything about the experiment is delicious. unraveling the brain and the soul. That's some great stuff right there. I love it so so much! - Rue
6/16/2020 c5 Yami-chan and Unrealistic
I like Pidge going unconscious each time! It's a clear thing the dose of whatever they're giving her is doing to her. I LOVE THAT PIDGE THINKS HER TEAM IS GONNA BE POISONED BUT NOPE THEY'RE GETTING AIR SUCKED OUT. brilliant use of the vent you introduced earlier! And Pidge can't move most of her body! oangond I'm dying to know what they're giving her! I looooove the guard being all cruel and eating a sandwich in front of her when she's hungry but I ESPECIALLY love the line 'see you think you're in charge but you're not. but i love watching you think you are' and omg that's so chilling! Especially since Pidge thinks she has the upper hand with them needing her alive. Its basically a battle of wills and the Galra are confident they can keep Pidge alive via force. excellent. - Rue
6/16/2020 c4 Yami-chan and Unrealistic
omg! omg! What makes them stop/? An alarm? why doesn't Pidge hear it if it is! FLASH OF GREEN GREEN GOT THROUGH? Brilliant for Pidge to catch up on what the other Paladins are doing in trying to get to their Lions! clearly they're reading something from her with how they come in with the syringe in panic. Is this all real? Is Pidge dreaming all of this? I love the end that she's so distressed for Keith that she falls unconscious before the stuff is even in her since that stuff has totally been knocking her out. Oh Keith though! The fact that they use a helmet is so horrifying to imagine (its awesome). Even Lance is trying so hard to fight too! I bet that blade was dipped in something Poison perhaps? Lovely chapter the action is ramping up! - Rue
6/16/2020 c3 Yami-chan and Unrealistic
Clever Pidge! Clever! She knows she can use her own health as a bartering chip and it could possibly work. That's so brilliant but also so chilling like. What do they want with her? The liquid definitely seems to make her sleepy if her waking is any indication. I'm just so fascinated to know why they singled her out, if Pidge is right about her being the smallest and they only have so much of the dose. - Rue
6/16/2020 c2 Yami-chan and Unrealistic
oangonsogdnaognsa they're making her watch the guys get hurt! And we still don't know what is in the syringe! I'm looooving the suspense! Pidge making up dialogue for the guys because she's bored is brilliant - and being bored she'll think of all the awful things that could be done to her and her team. Love that she first seriously tries to figure their talk out and show how they clearly feel awful and scared just like her. ahhhh i just love that we don't know exactly what the guys are saying but its clearly stressful and Pidge is stressed not knowing and seeing her team hurt and sad and angry.

- Rue
6/16/2020 c1 Yami-chan and Unrealistic
Oh! this is super exciting! I love the mystery in Pidge being singled out and able to see her team rather than the other way around if she is the one to be tortured? I love her fighting only after making sure her team is safe. I love Shiro comforting the team, taking Lance into a hug and Lance needs it and going onto Hunk. I just love that imagery of the team taking care of each other while they are worried for Pidge, and discussing whatever very real possibilities are out there for what is happening to her, even if Pidge can't hear them. And a syringe! I wonder what it is. I love Pidge at the beginning knowing her mind is thinking of all sorts of scenarios and she's trying to get herself NOT to think haha.

- Rue
6/6/2020 c6 Shiranai Atsune
Yey! A new update!

So happy that this is continuing!

Please don’t give up! I won’t!
5/3/2020 c7 JellyBean
Wow! This is such a cool write! I hope you get back to it soon though, I’m excited to see what’s next.
1/23/2020 c7 1Masterninja999
Hey! Love your fic and I hope that’s everything is going well with you irl! Glad you’re Back!
12/26/2019 c7 CarnelianWing
Hey! So glad to see that you're back to writing again! It's certainly been a while, but I'm still glad to continue your story regardless. And it seems to be going in quite the dark direction now.

Poor Pidge. In previous chapters, she had to watch her friends suffer and hover close to death without being able to do a thing about it, and now in this chapter she's experiencing the pain herself. Even if the scientist only touched her in one spot with the hot metal, your writing portrays just how painful and unbearable it is very well. I really felt for her in this chapter.

I've gotta admit, I've always loved the "unhinged scientist" trope, so I'm enjoying this new character that you've introduced even if he is a super jackass.

I think your writing has definitely improved since your last chapter, so good job on your progress! I wouldn't be opposed to the idea of you re-writing the previous chapters, if you really want to do that. For now, I just hope that this story has a happy ending, cause I am really, really worried for Pidge and Green's bond right now. Not just them, but the bonds between the other Paladins and their Lions as well, since it sounds like they're going to meet the same fate after this "final test".

Looking forward to seeing how this ends. Thanks for the great ride so far! The wait was worth it.
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