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for Raditz Z: a new beginning (currently discontinued)

6/8 c24 shriramasokan
Introduce daughter of raditz in the story
5/21/2022 c9 Guest
1/26/2022 c24 Gohan
This is the best dragon ball fanfiction ever. I wish they should have kept raditz live in dragon ball z. Where he survived and join with the z fighter and have a family with launch. These two are the perfect couple and meant for each other.
1/26/2022 c24 Valt
This is amazing story. Hopefully you update the next chapter.
1/26/2022 c24 Jessica
Please continue the story of Raditz Z. I love this. It been 2 years and half. Please make sure you write the next chapter.
1/26/2022 c24 Spidey
Man I hope you continue this story. Vegeta allow cell to reach his prefect form. But Vegeta was out match by cell. Now trunks has to unleash his full semi super sayian but then realized this new form make him slower and couldn't keep up with cell. Raditz, ranch, Killin went small island to give Vegeta a sense bean. Then trunks tell them about the cell game. Finally Goku and Gohan came out the time charmer and still in super sayian but different. Now it Raditz and Ranch turn in the time charmer. Raditz will also tell ranch that he know she is her daughter from the future.
1/11/2022 c14 Blake2020
1/11/2022 c13 Blake2020
1/10/2022 c24 chiripa012
hopefully you make the next chapter of Raditz Z. it been 2 years, hope you start this story we been waiting to read this.
11/18/2021 c24 Guest
Man this was getting good, I hope you continue in the Cell saga all the way to Buu saga.
9/21/2021 c18 Guest
you know what you should do in the future, you should have Launch rob the Satan City Bank, so that she can have a tense relationship with her at first because Videl would try to arrest her, but as soon as she finds out Gohan is the golden warrior, though still kinda sour, they start talking right after Videl comforts Ranch and Goten hearing about Gohan's 'death' which she refuses to believe, when videl explains that her father maybe a goofball and greedy but deep down he does care about people and he loves her as much as she loves him, Launch even decides to apologize for her stunt but videl says it's fine I understand why you did it anyway now.
9/19/2021 c24 Guest
Someone's gotta teach the Prince his place.
8/28/2021 c24 Guest
I hope one day you return to this fanfiction, I'm curious to see how things will turn out when Mr. Satan, Videl enter and how things may change.
6/29/2021 c24 Messiah of authors
Are you going to continue this because I just recently found it and I fucking love it!
5/12/2021 c24 GingerDw463
I love this. Please, make more chapters
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