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9/20/2019 c4 2ManwithaPlan113
Interesting premise
9/19/2019 c3 ManwithaPlan113
6/28/2019 c4 3Another S.T.A.L.K.E.R
Another good chapter sir.

Hope the Astarte's begin to rally, and a proper micro crusade can begin.
Or at least the start of a new bastion as remnants filter in, hopefully out of the shithole desert.
Its difficult, now impossible to decide at this point whose story is more interesting; the imperial guard with Hastis
or the 2 scouts and clipped winged assault marine.

Characters seem varied enough

Some investment in characters

An angry marine?

Yang being a thick skulled bitchsigh* as usual), but not to the negative extremes as some others.

Commissar is present along with storm troopers, so that'll cover the issue of interacting with the locals0.0% bullshit tolerated by Hastis or Lord Commissar, as they free captured elements of His Most Vaunted Or the Angels of Death SpEsS MAhREEnS) just as long as the commissar sees the inquisitorial ...what's it called? Sigil? Otherwise Hastis could always play the major general card.
6/27/2019 c4 Another S.T.A.L.K.E.R
I am fully interested in this series, I must say. They lead up is certainly present. The characters feel different enough (some more distinct than others).
Nice work.

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4/22/2019 c4 QuestionsForSome
Great chapter! I can imagine how this is how the rolling caravan starts

So far we have a tyranid in a city, guard regiment in the surrounding area of Vacuo, an Imperial Assassin(2?) in the desert and Menagerie, Adeptus Astartes in Vale, and chaos corrupted creatures/people in Vale

Is the Chaos Marine a red herring? He could go into stasis and wait it out

Also if you wanna come to my discord and talk story ideas just PM me
4/17/2019 c4 67Bravo Tango
In the words of a youtuber: "It's not incest if you say no chromo."

Anyway are you switching the POVs between chapters or is Hastis the main focus?
3/22/2019 c3 lovedalton
3/8/2019 c3 QuestionsForSome
Gylnda saying “asshole” seems out of character, Yang should be capitalized

The continuity seems screwed up, Salem is only known to RWBY after the separation of the team and subsequent reveal in volume 5-6(for Yang)

Great chapter though, some exposition to know the time would be good
3/7/2019 c3 yasulong
Poor Elyla, sharing body with an uncaring sociopath. Although I feels you might have gone overboard on the edgy/grimdark here. The Legionnaire can social jack all, he knows this, and he still stubbornly doing it, despite having Elyla cooperate and only show himself when necessary would be more ideal. Is he so far apart from living that he no longer care about such thing as efficiency ? It does make a nice spooky conversation, but I think it could be more subtle, leave the full experience for Glynda, which is what you did, bravo on that one.
The scene with Yenald was good, conveys the controlled violence nature of a Space Marine, even in restrains.
I'm eagerly looking forward for more.
2/9/2019 c2 Engineer455
Holy shit this entire chapter was pure EPIC!
2/4/2019 c5 QuestionsForSome
Rule of thumb for crossovers, if you’re trying to set up the beginning so you can show how they are before they enter the other work, it shouldn’t take 5 chapters because you’ll start to lose people that are waiting for the actual crossovers bet content
2/3/2019 c5 sonic
I liked the chapter!
2/3/2019 c5 Guest
A trickery worth of that indecisive mollusk known as Tzeencht, feth you, and good chapter, i can't wait for more
12/24/2018 c4 Guest
Is this even a Warhammer RWBY crossover fic? No signs of RWBY anywhere so I think you should put this in the non crossover section of Warhammer.
12/24/2018 c4 Guest
Glorious battle, death to the heretics
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