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1/21/2019 c7 3dreamerdash
Good luck for your musical performance! I’m excited for you :) I hope everything goes well!

This chapter is amazing. How does Vee recognised the ladies immediately. There’s so many of them and she already memorized everyone. She’s awesome. I love her humbleness in this chapter. I’m so excited that the ladies have arrive!
1/21/2019 c7 3Azlea
:D I can't believe I missed the last update; but that just means I had two chapters to enjoy instead of one, I suppose! I enjoyed meeting the girls and seeing what Venus thought of them. And I really liked getting to see Lili and her quirks :D I really enjoyed this chapter, and can't wait to see what happens next!
1/21/2019 c7 15Abizeau
It was really interesting to see the makeovers in someone else's POV than the Prince or the Selected! can't wait to meet the other girls ;)
very nice chapter! and good luck on your busy program

ps: on an editing note: please put commas or dots at the end of your dialogues... Maybe you could download "Grammarly" to help with that? it's free and I use it all the time... ;)
1/21/2019 c7 1Smiley111
Oooooh, musical? I'm in one right now. We are getting close as well.
Yay Jenny! You portrayed her so well, just the happiest little angel. I love her! I also just love Vee, she's so sweet.
This was a very nice intro chapter, I'm already hating and loving some girls.
P.S.: You probably guessed, but I have an account now! (Confetti) You can PM me if you need any questions answered about Jenny.
Keep writing (and break a leg with the musical :))
1/21/2019 c7 2Sylea
Nice chapter, I like how the princesses take care of the organization and the Selected ! :)
I'm glad they already made some bonds with the first girls.
I can't wait for them to meet Chase ! :D
1/21/2019 c7 13a singular dream
** This review lowkey contains spoilers **


/quietly sulks about no Rosie bc i'm biased to my girl/

Vee is really fun, but imao Paris is my favourite. That comment was awesome (BUT OMG REFER TO THAT BACK LATER ON BC YOU KNOW)

I just realised that if Laurel is gay, and Rosie's pan, please omg ship them. xD They'd learn so much from each other too.

You repeated a lot with them being like "Oh, just call me Vee" etc.; it kinda gets boring and you're encouraged to skip; just glance over it and establish it 'off screen'.

If it wasn't for that, it'd probably be a very good re-intro to the girls.
1/20/2019 c7 2The Cruel Pringle
I love Sophia you did her perfectly! Totally understand the hassle of musicals (when I was in one a select Chorale that met early in the morning, I was at school from 7 am to 8pm) best of luck with your show and hope you are able to update again soon.
1/20/2019 c7 5celegra123
AHHH YES YOU UPDATED! I love this story so much, especially the dynamic between the royal siblings. And I'm so excited to see the girls! Can't wait for you to post the next chapter! Keep writing, please! :)
1/20/2019 c7 6Fairysecret01
Yay great chapter, im happy you updated. Im in my school musical to but I can’t sing and I’m in the ensemble but I know how crazy long the rehearsals are, serious don’t worry about it.
1/20/2019 c7 12tyozzie123
I'm so excited for them to meet all of the selected! And I totally get the whole busy thing. Excited to read the next chapter!
12/26/2018 c6 tyozzie123
Great chapter! I like that Chase isn't being too harsh in getting rid of the girls just based on reputation or physical appearance. I like that each room is personalized! Can't wait for the next chapter!
12/24/2018 c6 Smiley
My favorite sister is Vee, all the way. She is just the kindest and sweetest girl!
Mr. Astor sounds like the worst. The way he sucked up to Paris bothers me so much. I think I will really like Louise, she seems really down to earth. I wonder if Kimberly will come with her to the Palace! I’m so excited for Jenny to show up in the next chapter!
Keep writing, and have a great Holiday!
12/25/2018 c6 2Sylea
I liked this chapter, and I had a lot of fun reading the part with Paris and ‘Stephan’ xD
Even if Chase has a past, it’s true he is the caring one, at least with his sisters, and hopefully with his Selected ! :)
12/24/2018 c6 1Doctor Kay Strange
I feel kinda bad for giving my character such a mouthful of a name hahaha. Poor Lea.

Great chapter! The way you introduced the girls in this chapter without them even appearing was super cool, first the advisors being all critical, then touring the girls rooms. It was super unique and I loved it! Can't wait to meet all the girls! Merry Christmas :)
12/24/2018 c6 3dreamerdash
I love the way you give intro and a bit sneak peak about the girls in this chapter! They have quite interesting background! Can’t wait to see how Laurel, Paris and Vee’s first impression on the girls during makeover. We’ll see if they each would have certain girls that they’d root for. My favorite sister is Paris :) I can’t believe Mr. Astor shamelessly promote his son like that. He’s both annoying and creepy. Definitely my least fav so far.
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