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21h c49 Guest
Ita a great job, pls do more chapters
6/13 c49 Proco87
10/10 keep up the good work. I was pleasantly surprised to see well written plot as well as lemon.
6/12 c49 TheKing91
Great chapter.
6/11 c49 4Chaos Snow Kitsune
Well that was fucking amazing. Hope to see more of Tonks now that she's gotten a taste for him.

I wonder who they'll meet next... hehehe
6/11 c49 amk41196
Oh lord... This fic is such a turn on... Can't wait for the next update... :p
6/10 c49 flys36
Great chapter!
6/9 c49 daniel2610994
Awesome this story never cease to amaze me, and Harry is definitely living his life to the max, after all I am sure there are just a few if any that can Say they dominated a veela and a metamorph at the same time hehehe.
And we already knows Lupin Lost his chance with yonks now that she has tasted Harry.
6/9 c49 1L.B.N
amazing hot chapter
6/9 c49 major wallace
Awesome work
6/8 c8 Oblivious
Nice work! But you really should look up "obvious" & "oblivious" and difference between those words in the dictionary.
6/8 c49 Guest
Excellent chapter, however I think Harry and Fleur should continue to play alone in Harry's room.
After taking a moment to discuss what they did with Tonks.
It would be too strange to the eyes of Fleur do not discuss with Harry of Threesome they had.
6/8 c49 6Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and enjoyed it a lot.
6/7 c49 yoto
bon chapitre
6/7 c49 biob1
Awesome work like always
6/7 c27 A Random Anon
Out of curiosity do you currently plan on including pregnancy in the Story? I re read ch 26 and 27 after some time and there is a pretty clear hook for it. And, to be honest, it would "fit" Daphne the best. It would also represent a way to further diversify and develop the cast. As it stands, Daphne is getting edged out of her niche by Fleur.
Personally, I'd love to see it, but you do you. The story is one of the best of its kind around here.
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