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7/16 c6 jon reeve
/Well, that was fun. Books 5-7 would have gone a lot better if they had solved more of their issues with each other this way.
7/16 c5 jon reeve
/Heh, Hogwarts is best girl. Wing girl? Wing castle?

/Nice to see he's learning juance with the girls. Everyone is jot as naive as Hermione. Honestly, lol.
7/15 c50 bascospc
is this still on going? its a shame if this isn’t.. its really good btw..
7/14 c50 lameduck987
I like this Fleur
7/13 c50 biob1
Nice work again
7/13 c36 DainBramagedMoFo
Are there no secret ways MC can use to kill some of his enemies? Maybe a virus chain curse that moves among the death eaters with their marks. Be well mofo.
7/12 c50 lalo80
Buen relato, no tardes en continuarlo
7/12 c50 2Xerzo LotCN
That was quite good i wasnt expecting fleur to pop up at least not this chapter maybe next but it was the perfect moment for it
7/12 c50 daniel2610994
Awesome fleur is certainly enjoying humilliating Ginny, I gotta say its not what I expected but it was beautiful xD and now she just has to keep "fighting" with Ginny to fulfill her desires, man next chapter is gonna be so fucking hot.
7/12 c50 Uday Sra
Awesome. Please update soon
7/12 c50 1thevolunteerman
The juxtaposition from calling Fleur a whore and actually being a whore is wonderful. Ginny must feel so betrayed and guilty. *applause* I commented over on Patreon, but will we be getting Spider-Man Unleashed updates? I really hope so.
7/11 c50 yuvi11
As always, what a brilliant update.
7/11 c50 slydino
Wonderful chapter. I really like the Ginny and Fleur interaction. Very excited to see Ginny's response to this new situation. Anyway, great job and keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next chapter.
7/11 c50 Tendra
7/11 c50 Guest
I am disappointed that no one noticed them or anything.
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