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7/11 c50 TheKing91
Nice chapter.
7/11 c50 7hanatos
To someone who's complaining about the logic in this fic. Dude it's a smut fic, get over it
7/11 c50 FicTIuNFaN
Looking forward to your next chapter.
7/11 c50 2Genesis
You can write, however you might want to talk to lawyer to determine if you have made yourself vulnerable to civil suit by the current holder of the HP franchise with your use of p at reon
7/11 c50 2Arrowman
I don't know this seems rather therapeutic to me.
7/11 c50 Mastersgtjames
Might want to go through once or twice for Typos. There were a couple of parts with distracting grammar. Also, when you mention Fleur's hands, you should probably change that to manicured. Not pedicured. A manicure is for hands and a pedicure is for feet.
7/11 c50 28Imperial-samaB
As usual vicious and brutal. I approve
7/11 c50 1firetemplar415
The kinky avengers!
7/11 c50 red demon161
Whoa hot chapter. I loved Harry dragging Ginny into the street to fuck. I was wondering more about Ginny's outfit. Do any of the girls have high heels? I would love to see the girls wear them for Harry, maybe Hermione could.

I really want to see Fleur dominate Ginny. Hehe Ginny on her knees in Fleur's bed her wrists tied to the headboard and Fleur with a strap-on thrusting into her from behind. Whispering in Ginny's ear that she knows some special veela magic that will let her knock Ginny up or maybe that Harry is going to whore her out to make them some money.
7/11 c50 demon87
very super
7/11 c50 6Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
7/11 c50 CCBottle
Fleur's anger at Ginny is awesome. Can't believe I've never read another fic where this scenario plays out. Well done on that great idea! Can't wait for more.
7/11 c50 ArtanisRose
It's interesting to see Fleur give in to her anger like this. I always hated how Ginny and her mother, and to a degree Hermione, treated her in the books. If I had been her, I'd have probably taken my pound of flesh from them for insulting me all the damn time a while ago.
7/11 c50 stylo1
harry preformed underage magic by using his wand.

ginny slowed down, despite him asking her to slow down.

the whole paragraph of ginny loosing her bra didnt make a lot of sense either.
7/11 c49 Guest
Why I cant see chap 50? ;/
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