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4/1 c21 camp1500
It was a nice ending, but, I would love to hear about Thor's adventures in the magical world.
3/28 c21 AlisonWatson
please continue I have read this at least 4 times it's so good
2/18 c21 innerene
i don't understandso how about hermione? i need sequel or epilog
2/14 c17 spamari1181
Does Hermione ever go back home and change what happens? Or at least help? Because it doesn't seem like the story is headed there. And it would feel grossly out of character for the woman who hated how house elfs were treated to let her friends continue to live in injustice under a crule dictator and not do anything to help. That just is not the type of person she is.
2/13 c16 spamari1181
Hermione wouldn't be manipulated so easily.
2/13 c16 spamari1181
Hermione doesn't act quickly and then decide to deal with the consequences tomorrow. That isn't her personality. She thinks things through and thoroughly before acting. And she left the first time because she felt guilty about Ron. That was just for kissing Thor. None of this feels in character.
2/12 c14 spamari1181
I get that this is an Avengers crossover. But it seriously urks me that no one is being considerate of what she wants. They are preparing and encouraging her to join the team. But not even trying to help her get back home so she can liberate her friends and the wizarding world who are being tortured, raped, and living under oppression. Or even conaider the fact that maybe she doesn't want to join the team.
2/12 c12 spamari1181
Thor and Loki are too funny.
2/12 c13 spamari1181
I don't appreciate how everyone keeps making plans for her to join the Avengers but no one has bothered to ask if she wants to. To them she is a teenager. But to her she is a survivors of war and they expect her to fight again for a world that isn't her home.
2/11 c2 spamari1181
I would have had the same exact reactions as Clint. I really can't fault him.
1/20 c21 leicepereira4
Tell me that Hermione is coming back, so I need a continuation. Incredible and wonderfully well-written story.
12/14/2020 c21 Tate horan
WHAT. no puede terminar así.
12/14/2020 c21 Guest
I LOVED this story ! I’m a bit confused about the ending though! I’d definitely read a sequel about what happens to hermione !
11/23/2020 c21 alannalove1990
So did Hermione not come back!? NOOOOOOO! This was so good!
11/23/2020 c20 alannalove1990
Oh dnaps
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