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for Unforeseen Circumstances

11/23 c6 SquinkshiSquad1011
I hope u update eventually, I really love ur story! Don’t stress yourself out too much tho, hope u r doing well.
11/20 c6 Guest
noooooo sdhgsldflijwdfh this is soo good!
11/18 c6 Guest
To the guy below me. First stop this shit, second author please don’t this guy about the worse shippings ever
11/17 c3 1TheCatofRandomia
Bakugo x Kirishima plz.
11/17 c1 TheCatofRandomia
This is freaking awesome.
11/15 c6 Cyan-Snake
Under arrest for POSSIBLE ties to a villain? Shit man. Every Hero should be arrested then. Fighting so many of them? Obviously it's a ploy to gather influence and take over the country. Arrest them all. Ban heroes. Fuck off with this shit. You obviously just made this shit up for EXTRA PLOT. I thought the people in BNHA are supposed to actually think things through and not act like the OPM characters.
11/6 c6 Stormlight131
This story is awesome! The different hero ideologies from each world are interesting to see clash. Sounds like Genos is finally gonna drop the bomb though, so that’ll be exciting!
11/3 c6 SomeGuyAlt
Nice fic im looking forward on what genos/saitama do next
10/30 c6 Ladybug653
I love crossovers so much, so when I read one that actually has some plot, it makes me so excited. I love this book so much, hope you make more when you're ready!
10/28 c1 LeonaidasRage
Dis be noíceeeee
10/27 c6 Rambukala
more pls :v
10/22 c6 Guest
Can't wait for Saitama vs All For One!
10/20 c6 6Hathowda Jun
Aw man, thanks for writing the story. If you were gonna end it like this the least you could've done was have Saitama punch All Might in the face.
10/19 c6 YourAvarageGuy
Love this. I hope you keep continuing this one
10/14 c6 9Shadow the Jedi
Fun chapter.
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