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for Punching Things Isn't a Quirk

11/6 c7 Guest
Oh my god i loved this so much! This is the first thing to make me laugh in weeks. Thank you. I am extremely excited for the updates and for the arc to go it's complete route! I love that saitama is being appreciated as a strong hero, and I am so hype for him to battle and show off! I'm super stoked for the next chapter, thank you for continuing to write despite the struggles you face! It's really amazing effort and product
11/5 c1 Guest
Oh my god i love the fuck out of this! I cant wait to read the next chapters!
10/31 c7 Guest
Damn the worst thing about this story is that they stay at UA for such bullshit reasons, we all know its just an excuse to force interaction with saitama and 1a. Sucks
10/29 c7 4AMortePerpetuaLiberaNos
What a wonderful read! Thank you :)
10/20 c4 guest reader
just a thought genos and saitama could end up on any earth like planet even macross earth or naruto uzumaki's home planet
10/22 c7 RoyalTwinFangs
This is what I like to see.
10/17 c6 royalii
Saitama and Midnight's interactions had me giggling! XD
10/17 c5 royalii
The general concept of both anime are similar, however, both also have different views. I like how you considered the characters' views from their respective world and wrote it well. I felt bad for Snipe, but it's understandable how Saitama and Genos grew up in a world where the villains/monsters there are naturally evil, causing them to view any inhuman creatures to be monsters and evil. But then again, the bnha pro heroes aren't aware of Saitama and Genos' world.

All in all, I really love how you wrote this fic. I like the characters from OPM so it was nice seeing how you also wrote what's happening there too. Looking forward to the story. I enjoyed the wonderful read,thanks
10/17 c3 royalii
it's hilarious how saitama find Nezu funny lmao
10/15 c7 Banana
I love this so much I finished all 7 chapters in a day! When's the next chapter?
10/12 c7 Soda3
Love your story. Take your time, hope you're doing well!
10/7 c7 DeathGrimm79
R u there?
10/5 c3 truerussian
*put dampener o and he then punches a punching bag twice*
10/5 c1 truerussian
10/2 c7 Guest
I’m so happy you picked this story back up, because it’s by far one of the best opm x bnha fics in the fandom :)
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