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for Punching Things Isn't a Quirk

10/2 c8 Dayside
Man I really wish you continued this.
9/27 c7 4jaimehuizar2005
endeavor complaining about killing a human gaggagaghahahahajjaja
8/18 c8 Guest
Hello!Do you think your'e going to continue this series?I rly love it!
8/17 c8 ShinNavidad
The ideological differences between MHA and Hero Association, the sheer creativity of the scenarios, keeping a consistent power leveling, such a great fic...dropped, holy hell
7/19 c4 powerzeus200
If you’re to put in a self-insert put the tag in so that people don’t waste their time reading about a character no one cares about. They came here for Saitama and Genos not this boring Maisma chick. Like literally if you want to put yourself in your story, cool put yourself in it. However just know like in reality no one give a crap about who you are. You’re not interesting. So please for the love of god put a goddamn self-insert tag.
7/13 c8 Morrowing
Hope you come back to this someday, it's a really great fic!
6/20 c8 goemonarthur
Next please...
6/2 c8 The visitor
nderestimated him for being an old man and then they were surprised by his abilities

With atomic samurai it would be the same case with bang maybe even duelist demons want to duel with him

They would still make fun of bat metal for just using a bat and then being beaten to death by it

Flashy flash would leave them speechless for their speed after being cut without them noticing

Sir pentious and vox or any tech-loving fiend would be in awe

Seeing genos or drive knight maybe wanting to capture them for further study or wanting to reverse engineer their technology

The same case with Child emperor and metal knight even some disbelievers or envious that a child has developed better technology than them

As I said, Sir Pentious would be the most interested in them to be able to improve their weapons and their eggbots. I also see Asmodeus and Fizzarolli involved in it for what you know what they do.

King his mere presence would bring any demon to its knees

And darkshine I think would humiliate any muscular demon
5/25 c8 Cool
Great story, I sure hope you continue it. (Please continue making this story IM BEGGING YOU)
5/17 c8 dadg12346
Cool stoy bro.
5/8 c4 WolfGodMaster
All for one is the villan(Quick stealer) and One For All(All Might)
5/5 c8 Miss mystery
I like it
When next chapter?
4/15 c7 Guest
Lol, the fools don't realize that when Saitama uses martial arts, he stops needing to breath, can travel beyond speed of light and can travel through time and space as much as he wants
4/15 c2 ghassenhmida605
Finish this FUCKING story
4/14 c8 Theo777
Great writing, I really enjoyed your story. Please continue your amazing work!
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