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for Jasper Stark

10/9/2018 c2 20Nothereanymore888
Interesting start. Why doesn’t peter want tony to know who he is though? That doesn’t make sense to me. He finds out he was kidnapped and knows his birth parents are mourning him so why keep it a secret?
10/7/2018 c1 McFlyandTwinkies
More please! I love it so far!

But I don't understand how his parents could just... kidnap him. There's got to be more to it, right?

Great story
10/9/2018 c2 2padfootl0ve
This was awesomeCan't wait for more!
10/7/2018 c1 Guest
I love that last part hahaha it's me when I'm like "THEY HAVE ICE CREAM!" then remember I'm on a diet and go "The have ICE CREAM...FUCK."
10/8/2018 c1 1achoncha
Will you continue this book? It has a great prompt.
10/8/2018 c1 8NovaLondon
Can’t wait for the next chapter. Following this story! Great so far.
10/7/2018 c1 4PurpleBooks58
Oh my god, I love this already!
10/7/2018 c1 1Serkeru
Yesssssssss! Please continue. XD
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