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for Avalon: The Ever Distant Dream

5/10 c1 1thomassmith69
Story got me quite choked up here. Good read.
4/1/2020 c1 the-lost-memories6
3/29/2019 c1 Gegantes
This is beautiful.
3/11/2019 c1 4Haruko Kakikomi
Thanks for writing this! It was a good read
3/1/2019 c1 edvin.ka
2/22/2019 c1 Gabrielus Prime
Has anyone adopted this yet? 'Cause I wanna read more!
1/24/2019 c1 27 Winds
Simply amazing. I was moved to tears by how you described the events playing out. The emotions where overwhelming. Thank you I hope to do a full story of this sometime in the future.
12/24/2018 c1 Daniel
great story!
12/12/2018 c1 xbox432
Pretty good story overall but... you made a mistake in the story description.

Arutia - Arturia
11/8/2018 c1 Graymar1
Great story can you do another one like this
10/24/2018 c1 1FeartheKnown
Holy shit this is good. Thats all I really have words for. Its just that amazing.
10/22/2018 c1 6Archer1eye
awwwe as awesome as this is, I was hoping to at least hear that sje had smited Leviathan. Eh adds to the feel more the way you did it so my complaint is invalid. You definitely captured a certain feeling here, one of hope and nobility. I applaud you that and this well done short. Thank you for shining some much needed light down upon the depression of the Wormverse.
10/18/2018 c1 The Shadows Mistress
really loved the tale
10/12/2018 c1 Lt
How you worded it made me giddy
10/13/2018 c1 the13thknight
That was truly a pleasure to read though I wish it was a bit longer and explained who her knights where
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