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for P5: Another Player in the Game

2/19 c19 reap2
Sighs, it was getting good too, time to read the new one.
2/19 c9 reap2
In fact, now I'm thinking about it, there's 2 ways into Minato Palace, being invited in by Minato, or defeat all the Boss Shadows in P3, but they will, like before, only show up only during their month, on a full moon, which means, if they miss a month, like say may, then they will have to wait until it's may again, to get that boss shadow.

however, any bosses they defeated, will stay defeated, unless you want to torture them, in which case, it's all or nothing, which means if they miss a boss, then every bosses they defeated will be reset.

now, these bosses could be, (depending if you're using minato home town or P5 Metaverse.), anywhere, unless you want them to keep on reappearing on the top of Tartarus Tower, but the last boss, will be Ryoji, who will stop them from invading his Friend Palace, thus transforming into his true form, Thanatos.

Yea, that's right, I'm bringing back Ryoji, can't forget about him, and it will definitely be a surprise towards the Phantom's Thieves, since Ryoji enrolled into their school, and is best friends with Minato, (Minato will definitely be surprised), and he'll be the one to help in getting Minato & the Phantom Thieves into interacting with each other, without the Phantom Thieves knowing about him and him helping them from the shadows.

especially like the fan art of both Minato & Ryoji wielding weapons, Ryoji Weapon btw is a Chained Scythe.

Now then, for the Reaper, when the Reaper is in Tartarus, he grows stronger, faster, developing new abilities/skills, etc., higher in the tower he goes, and the Reaper will also start recruiting Shadows & Persona's to fight with it against the intruders, (which means they also get a buff.), thus giving the Intruders reason to not linger for long.

Well, here's all my thoughts layed out.
2/19 c8 reap2
I know I'm late, since I just started, but if we're being honest, then Minato Palace would be the Tartarus from the P3 series, with his final resting place being where his throne is, thus having the Phantom Thieves fight & navigate their way up, all the while having to deal with shadows, persona's, and etc.

But, they won't be able to go to Minato final resting/Throne, they will only be able to get to the top of the tower, but unless they have access to the moon, or even aware of it, which they won't for a long time, but eventually, they will, just like the P3&4 cast, when they met Erebus and fought it, while finding Minato final resting place.

Kinda like a tradition, in a way.
12/9/2020 c9 Wuzy
I'm kinda loosing interest rn since Minato is so Passive and doesn't really affect the story
12/8/2020 c19 BushidoWookie
you do you dude
9/30/2020 c18 21Spooke125
is this getting an update anytime soon? I'm quite curious about whats going to happen and the writing is splendid so I would like to see this story be completed.
9/14/2020 c18 EmperorCeph
so when are you going to continue this story?
you just returned and started writing under the shattered moon, which is really good, but im just curious on when you might go back to writing this story
8/23/2020 c18 1BrawlBroMario
A shame you stopped updating. The writing was a bit rough and unpleasant to read until the last few chapters, and just like that it ended as the story got better. Hope you come back one day.
5/30/2020 c18 Rodenmar
This has potential but reading this is like eating a really flat-tasting meal. I keep expecting Minato to do something interesting but only ended up with nothing. I like how Minato interacts with the characters but he has absolutely zero effect in the story. His 'assistance' to P5 group feels unnecessary and transparent. All he does is go back and forth dungeoning until he gain another persona or two. If you really want him to operate separately from Akira's Scooby Doo gang, he should instead focused on investigating who exactly took over the Velvet Room and find out where Igor is with Elizabeth and the rest.
You already established that Cthulhu-man is cheating, why can't Philemon do the same? Minato doesn't have to take direct part in the canon story, he could have his own adventure that he could do in the background.

Him being actively passive is honestly the least interesting part in this fic.

5/27/2020 c18 AsterGene
I hope you'll continue this story soon. I've read on your other story that you've put this story on hold because of P5R while you're trying to implement new ideas in this story. Personally I really like this story as is, but you're the author and I can't wait to see what you're planning.

This story is my favorite P3xP5 crossover even over Ace in the Hole and the Hours' verse mainly because god i really really like your Minato. The interaction between Minato and Makoto is great, and having Minato tap into his inner Movie!Makoto Yuki as part of his act is a great detail. I am really curious to see how Minato is planning to help the Phantom Thieves now that they know Minato can enter the Metaverse but doesn't think he can summon a Persona.

The only thing that i'd criticize (although it is very subjective) is your treatment of Ryuji. He's a dumbass that cares for his friend, don't be mean :(
5/13/2020 c18 M2R
this interesting and fun. i hope for another update
4/24/2020 c18 Guest
Please continue
4/18/2020 c18 Guest
This is some good shit right here
4/5/2020 c13 JPhoenix6474
Hmmmm you mean Ryuji is emotionally and mentally scarred by an adult breaking his legs and getting abandoned by his own father who also beat him and his mother which would even further traumatize him... I would say that Yusuke and Ryuji are pretty close in terms of their respective predicament though Yusuke is quite a bit more out of luck at this point in time, and lets not even compare Ryuji a mentally scarred teenager who can't handle the weight of the actions of 'shitty adults' who in his eyes ruined his life to Akira who basically just goes "Meh it doesn't bother me" about his entire situation (and yes I did just waste my time on a fic currently on indefinite hiatus just to complain about a simple view the author has) Note: I still honestly enjoyed this story I just felt you were being a bit unfair to Ryuji in your judgement of him at this point
1/22/2020 c2 Mangareader13
I guess with the title it would be equivalent to calling Minato Messiah, but that doesn't really fit until after the fact, Joker (from what I can gather) was always meant to be "the Trickster" before his journey even started. An arise to the occasion situation compared to Minato's develop into story.
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