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1/7 c3 Smaug666
Molly: (Mortified);Ah, no! That wasn't... I didn't...
Sherlock: No, that was me.
Lestrade: My God, really?!
Sherlock: (Rolling his eyes) My phone.
11/11/2020 c20 Smaug666
10th Doctor: Okay, you used to be me, you've done all this before. What happens next?
11th Doctor: I don't remember.
10th Doctor: How can you forget this?
11th Doctor: Hey, hang on. It's not my fault. You're obviously not paying enough attention. Reverse the polarity!
(They both aim their sonic screwdrivers at the fissure.)
11th Doctor: It's not working.
10th Doctor: We're both reversing the polarity.
11th Doctor: Yes, I know that.
10th Doctor: There's two of us. I'm reversing it, you're reversing it back again. We're confusing the polarity.
3/9/2019 c23 2lautaro94
just what the hell was that whole zygon two parter extract it was the most uncany valley thing ever this is really becoming a problem so i'll ask can you write the doctor? beacouse you are just writing the doctor who quote machine in the story was gideon rises like an accident beacouse that is the only chapter where 90% of the doctor's lines are not doctor who quotes like here since when the doctor goes around quoting themselves also this doctor has not the rigth personality for that spech is weird and comes out of knowhere
2/10/2019 c21 2Emazing Pete
This is super funny, and really pulling. I love how if you really don't like an episode, most of the time you can skip it! Good work!
1/3/2019 c20 2lautaro94
good episode an a step in the rigth direction at last he did some thing now that was good i really hope to see more changes to the original plot in season 2,also the biggest question was the doctor planning everithing? beacouse insted of just taking the journal he let dipper have it and did not tell stan why? he is in on bringing ford back so why let dipper had the book isnted of just taking it only anwser is that he has been planing to use the twins to get 2 from giddeon
12/30/2018 c19 lautaro94
welp that was good still waiting for the doctor to do more stuff this is a beghining but after 19 chapters of him being an almost background character it's getting tired and also wanted bill to talk more about the doctor maybe give clues to dipper and mable about him
12/1/2018 c13 lautaro94
ohhhhh myyyy god Zagreus awsome some would just put the time war but you went all out claps to you claps to you my friend
11/19/2018 c10 PSplinter09
Spoilers? Does that mean River song will be in this fanfic ?
11/15/2018 c9 PSplinter09
Does the doctor know the time baby? How would they react to him being a time lord?
11/15/2018 c9 lautaro94
really was hoping for more out of this episode like really crazy stuff but...it was the episode with some lines by the doctor...really? no interactions between him and the time agents or time baby
11/12/2018 c7 PSplinter09
Good chapter especially the ending that part was good. I also want to say sorry for not reviewing the last chapter I honestly didn’t realize that you updated so fast so again sorry. The last thing I want to say is stay safe because I read on one of the fanfics that I love that the author died and while I hope it didn’t happen it is quite possible that it may be the truth. Stay safe
11/4/2018 c6 Guest
Also where is the TARDIS? Did the Doctor lose it? Is he stuck on earth or is ther other Stan related to the disappearance of the TARDIS? Or maybe is it Bill?
11/4/2018 c6 PSplinter09
I really liked this chapter. This one might actually be my favorite
11/4/2018 c6 lautaro94
great chapther! even though ice warriors vs sontarans in the year 2012 on earth makes cero sense
10/29/2018 c5 PSplinter09
I meant like are the Daleks going to show up or any other doctor who aliens
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