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for The Life and Times of Sam Loomis

10/6/2019 c1 Sam Fraser
This is actually really good. In fact, I would actually not mind if you made your own version of the 2018 film.
10/6/2019 c1 50Rurrlock-God of Power
This was a great and well-written one-shot. It really felt like a fitting conclusion to Loomis's story, and I also loved the little tributes and nods to other aspects of the Halloween mythos, while this story managed to remain its own self-contained story of a man coming to the end of his life. It was a cool twist to have Dr Wynn be disguised as Michael and attack Loomis, and Loomis feeling as if Michael was his Angel of Death to greet him at the end. You did a great job of portraying his obsession with Michael and how it affected the latter half of his life. Great work as always. Well done. :)
10/14/2018 c1 27Boris Yeltsin
Love it. Looking forward to the new Halloween, especially with two original cast members, and Laurie being a badass here, among other reasons.
10/10/2018 c1 Sam Fraser
That. Was. Brilliant. Well done. It's a lovely tribute.

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