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3/25/2021 c7 9BrightRaven -chris210racer
Hey, I know the feeling all too well. It will take time, a long time, before you can feel confident and sure enough to sit down and re-write the story into something excellent, especially now that college is your next step in life. Hell, if you take a look at my stuff, you'll see that I promised to re-write my first fan fic that I wrote throughout high school not long after I went through a really bad rough patch in my first year of college, and I still am struggling to sit down and properly re-write it (its slow work, but it's something at least. Currently still focused on school since I'll graduate this summer and I'm also juggling working on a huge PMC AU for My Hero Academia which should get the first few chapters uploaded over the summer, and doing a good amount of physical training so that I can pass physical requirements for Air Force officer training school). I'm getting off topic...

Anyway, don't let it get you down. Focus on life and the important stuff first before trying to take on something that will require a lot of time and dedication. Learned the hard way that thinking you can balance the two will lead to the real life stuff putting pressure on you and finding a way to leak into a story, often in a toxic or negative way (looking back on it now, everything I wrote and planned for my Miraculous Ladybug fic was entirely an unconscious outlet for my issues at the time and I was clearly not ready to get back to writing yet).

And with that, I wish you the best and take my advice to heart. Don't be discouraged to write, just recognize that it can take a long time before you are ready to actually commit to it.

Best Regards,

4/17/2020 c2 70Foxsky Harem Emperor 2015
I was hoping that Izuku was going to be Dante's son it would be fun to see another grandson of sparda.
11/25/2019 c6 Guest
this was amazing it's been a year please update!
3/29/2019 c6 Guest
Plz update soon. Is Nero in this?
3/28/2019 c6 Rick490
I reallly love this story you have made but I have a few questions I hope get answered in the story like how did deku get a sin devil trigger? And it 80% of the population have quirks and 20% don't than what do the numbers look like for people who have demonic heritage and are there crossover for people that have quirks too?
3/26/2019 c6 Guest
Keep the good work I like it
3/27/2019 c6 dovah117
Im soooo gonna listen Devil Trigger next chapter! Will izuku gain devil arms? And for the fic of Izuku with V powers heck yeah! It would be totally awesome!
3/27/2019 c6 Thanos69
The idea is good, but it's like every stories you people rewrite the same storyline -_-.
3/25/2019 c6 nerdguy
Is Izuku like Dante"s son or something, because Dante is really...Fatherly? with Izuku I mean guy actually offered to awaken Izuku's powers for him which makes sense considering DMC 5 heavily implies its unusual for quarter demons to have any type of power
3/25/2019 c6 black wolf
Is that a majin devil trigger or something else and your idea for izuku has v's powers sounds interesting
3/27/2019 c6 Lord of Wrath
Dude Izuku with V's powers yes and did you give him majin form in this?
3/25/2019 c6 HotSoup2017
The story has great potential tbh and i loved the way you incorporated the DmC world to the BNHA universe. But things were too rushed that i can hardly even care about Izuku's character in this story. Im not flaming your fic, its just that the story is so rushed. Everything from the training and the development of Izuku's demon powers. The training arcs were so lazily skipped over that it could've been a good development over Izuku and Dante's mentor-successor relationship. You gave us more telling than showing. The disappointment of Dante towards Izuku's recklessness after the simulation battle would've been more impactful if it was given more time for them to develop their bond as teacher and student.

However i've seen a good improvement on this chapter especially the way you structured the dialogues. Its a good step forward for a better storytelling, imo.
3/25/2019 c6 145Shadow Joestar
KO awesome chapter, Izuku is about to go all out with his Devil powers to fight the Nomu showing them the strength of a Devil and will probably force the Nomu to cry like a Devil.
3/25/2019 c6 1bestwritereverlolz
Izuku wields the Sparta maybe? *wink*
3/25/2019 c6 3Southparkfan234
Awesome fight scenes BTW.
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