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for Ignorance

5/14 c3 VelvetRoseMorning
There’s also Maul that isn’t finished with Obi wan.
5/14 c1 VelvetRoseMorning
How did Anakin produce Palpatine’s image on the holos? He used a projection or robot? I’m curious. Anakin did extremely well. What will Dooku do now that Sidious is dead? Poor Ventress, hope she has an alibi. They can blame it on a shape-shifting Clawdite or something equally convincing. Is Anakin going to quit being a Jedi?
5/14 c3 VelvetRoseMorning
Isn’t Padmè pregnant during this time? Or will be? Her relationship with Anakin will be found especially if she’s now chancellor.
5/14 c2 VelvetRoseMorning
I feel bad for ventress. She wasn’t the one to kill Palpatine.
2/26 c3 Brooklynhills
Please continue!
2/26 c3 Brooklynhills
Noooooooo there’s no more chapters;(
You have me hooked!
2/26 c2 Brooklynhills
How did Anakin do this? Amazing! Brilliant!
2/26 c2 Brooklynhills
This bloody fantastic!
2/26 c1 Brooklynhills
Absolutely love this! Sidious is dead hahaha!
2/26 c1 Brooklynhills
Oh my gosh. This is brilliant!
2/13 c3 Guest
This is really good.
12/15/2019 c1 39Mako-clb
Well, that was an unexpected ending. I always thought that if ONLY Obi-Wan had confided in Anakin or Anakin in Obi-Wan, they might have found they had a lot in common and grown closer, but well…

Anyway, this first chapter is interesting.
12/8/2019 c3 25The Jingo
Excellent fic
10/14/2019 c3 1ichigo urahara Shihoin
a wonderful chao
9/8/2019 c2 8ALEXAZLAC
Congrats for that amazing chapter!
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