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for In Dusk's Hidden Veil

5/30/2022 c30 LAB1
I have really loved this story! Such an interesting Psychology study!
1/4/2022 c30 AnneNGil
And what will happen next...?
12/15/2021 c30 Guest
I am enjoying this story immensely. Please, please continue the journey this Anne and Gilbert are on. I will patiently await your next post
9/14/2021 c30 15Curlieque
I just discovered this story (thanks, Mrs Von Trapp), and glad I did. Such a well written, fresh take. Not just Anne's comatose dream land (which is interesting enough), but us with Gilbert during his med school /Cooper prize winner years. Love nurse Kate and Dr. C., though I'm not understanding why Kate would want or need to move in with Dorothy and Anne - unless she's secretly like Dorothy? The little touches of the latest research, the hospital bill, Marilla volunteering to help the therapy students, all add to the ambiance of the story. Anne's long recovery after a yearlong coma is believable, and Gil trying to be supportive of Anne but reacting poorly to Roy's reappearance works, too. I hope that you are able to continue this and bring it to a satisfying conclusion.
6/13/2021 c30 Guest
I really enjoyed this latest chapter. That is more like the Gilbert we know, and love.
6/12/2021 c30 DrinkThemIn
Ahh I missed you! I’m unbelievably relieved that they’re not parting!
6/12/2021 c30 3Lavinia Maxwell
Great chapter! Glad that you are back!
6/12/2021 c30 Denie1943
Thanks for the update...Please stay welll!
5/30/2021 c29 AnneNGil
"nobody but a genius should try to write an unhappy ending!" (or something like that), we learn from Anne herself. You can't kill off Anne!

Good to see you back on this story :-)
5/1/2021 c29 CleoKarahalios
Please continue! It's so good! And whatever you do PLEASE DON'T KILL OFF ANNE!
4/29/2021 c5 CleoKarahalios
I love pride and prejudice too!
4/29/2021 c4 CleoKarahalios
3/17/2021 c29 Alltheannes
I have so enjoyed reading your story! Thank you for sharing it with us.
3/12/2021 c29 ovendrinks
This story is just what I needed for my anne fanfic binge. I love the fairy tale parts!
3/8/2021 c29 BHB168
Thank you for coming back to this story! I reread the whole thing this week and still had the same pit in my when I read chapter 28...and 29 confirmed it. I hate that Anne has a serious medical issue and hope it will be healed and not have her die...what would Gilbert do...I found his reaction a bit off from how he was acting up til now. I understand being suspicious of Roy and the job but given Anne's health issues it was unlikely him. Maybe he will come around d and not leave or make it a short trip and bring the ring with him. Hoping once she has the operation (bcs she must live a long life with Gilbert, right!?), Anne will be okay with going back to PEI. I can't wait to see how this turns out!
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