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10/10 c1 Guest
I just realized Abyss never looked for the Void Archwizards tower.
9/9 c53 The Hootsman
the TES universe is probably one of the most dangerous ones you can visit, if you have a basic understanding of the lore you disappear from existence lol
8/25 c55 Dave the esper
Man i wish you could continue i really like how this was going you know with the School life/Multiverse stops so often. And i do hope he finds some love from Pyrrha she is so cute!
8/25 c3 Guest
Way to ruin the story by telling about the reincarnation thanks!
8/26 c56 Denzel Ramos
Well that's a anchor maybe a problem, there is a way around it. Because as long as the one that made it didn't make it so it reacts to his remnants time (as in time passes in his remnant the anchor gets affected, time passes were he is it doesn't), then even with its immunity to time magic he can just go through the void find a universe that has a different natural time (a.k.a time goes slower, or faster). Then he could quite literally spend time there have the anchor degrade, and just go back to a remnant.

Because.. multiverse everything is but a factor that can be altered, reconstructed, deconstructed, destroyed, annihilated, recreated, remade, etc etc. There is most definitely a universe out there that compared to his remnant has a time ratio of 1 second (in his remnant) to 1 century (the other universe he's in).

So that anchor can quite easily be overcome (if it's not linked to his remnants time) he just needs to use his INT and WIS, plus his natural intelligence and ability to use it. So.. yeah it can easily be overcome but it'll be a pain in the ass for him, unless he finds a way to sort of hibernate throughout the entirety of his wait time. Or he could take this time to get stronger and maybe overcome the anchor with power, abilities, skills, etc. He could probably get a parasite resistance too, or magic resistance and get that to interfere with the anchor (since it's made of mind, and fate affinities/magic).
8/24 c37 Dayside
I still don't fully understand why he didn't just kill Bella. I certainly would of. She's way too much of a risk and she's not THAT close to him imo.
8/24 c1 Dayside
Anyone who thinks that if you have power you must use it for other people is the biggest fucking idiot ever. It's ridiculous.
8/21 c10 Denzel Ramos
You (author) can probably bring Summer (and others) back in the future... the MC just needs to somehow get the skill [Necromancy], and level it to max so then he can gain the skill [True Restriction] (or the skill [Restriction]). Which could both be used to bring back Summer and anyone important to the MC that dies (so basically like the dragon ball series (normal, z, super, etc) death will sort of become a hindrance, but not a permanent problem (and with people in the RWBY universe resisting death (Ozpin, Selam, etc) it's probably in there) will basically make it so the MC is only inrage, or annoyed when ever people important to him dy.

[True Restriction]: Restrictions someone for the same amount of mana (, aura, or both) that they are worth.
[Restriction]: [insert same description as [True Restriction]], Note: cannot restriction those who have died from natural causes such as: Old age, sickness, disease, etc.

Also here for if the MC becomes too strong (my own formula):
I have figured out a few things about OP characters, 1st 2 things that you should know before we even start.

[Saitama situation] can't find a challenge, doesn't even have to pull out full strength for anything.

[Goku situation] can find a challenge, but will pull out full strength when those that he cares for are in danger.

These 2 situations seem to be the most widespread, and average.

Now the best way that I have found to restrict OP characters is to use limiters (be they restriction seals, weights, etc).

Because through just limiting them to a certain degree, they get there entertainment (be it through fighting or other such things).

And when those that they care for are in danger they can pull out all the stops (as in limiters are turned off).

As such we turn a boring Saitama situation into a enjoyable Goku situation, were they don't use there full power unless they need to.

P.s in some worlds (Naruto, DBZ, ect) these restrictions are used as a form of training, but after some time they'll need to practice with the restrictions off to get used to there new limits.

After all by making it so your either slower or heavier, you will be much faster after some time when you get used to it.
8/5 c49 Reader
The problem with your fanfic is the lack of focus. Or focusing on the wrong things.

I dislike how much you put some characters in the background. You made Yang, Weiss, Blake, Phyrra, Jaune, Ren, and Nora have almost no appearance. Phyrra and Jaune appear more often lately but it's just because of they're both in MC's team.

The "canon" storyline was also almost never mentioned. What happened with Salem and Ozpin? Did they forget about the MC? For example, what was Salem's reaction from MC accessing the Void, aside from breaking the table? Why did Ozpin stop Crimson from monitoring the MC altogether? Why did the MC also keep the stupid status quo, playing around with kids in Beacon? Did why did he go to other dimensions so much if you didn't finish RWBY first?

Honestly, there was almost no excitement when I'm reading last few chapters. No thrill. No urgency. No one really moving. No one killing the other. It was boring.
8/7 c47 FlashSonic7
I think the Order and Chaos compound affinity should be Creation.
7/24 c20 Literally useless
oh wow the timeline is actually getting brutalized, nice
7/9 c12 Serosen Seren
I stopped reading when summer died . abyss knows the plot but still is lukewarm in levelling up and how he kinda destroy Summer's family . Ozpin is op as hell but is killed by a maiden wth.
6/24 c40 Guest
HP mini arc? Hope he gets all the books, magical creatures, maybe fuck around with voldy and get the deathly hallows and be the master of death

Although the the cloak and wand are kinda useless to him lol

Only the stone would be interesting
6/24 c17 Guest
Lol roman and qrow have the same luck based powers
6/24 c14 Guest
Abyss is super confused on his communication skills lol
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